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Understanding when it is the right time for an Air Conditioner replacement, repair or maintenance is very important. Even though, in some cases, repairing it may be the best way out, not only financially, but from every aspect. It is also important to recognize when the time has come to accept the fact that a replacement is necessary. At this point, you will notice that repairing your unit is becoming more costly than it would have been to buy a brand new one. Realizing that it is time to replace is only half the problem, now we need to choose which one is the right one for you. A lot of factors play a role in choosing a new air conditioner. From cost, to efficiency.

Air Conditioner Replacement | Las Vegas

Nevada Residential Services will assist you with picking the best kind of a system out there for your needs as well as standards. We recommend that you do not go for the very first one you see, but rather shop around and find the best one for yourself, it is after all a long term investment into your own home and even your everyday comfort during the extremely hot Las Vegas summer days.

Some things to consider are:

Your system’s age, how much is needed to spend on repairs compared to what you would need to spend on a new system. Efficiency also plays a huge role as a long term projection of your future energy bills. Some of the things to keep in your mind when you decide to purchase a new system; Previously installed units may be older, and in order for a new system to be instal, a different way of installation may be required, this could elevate the costs, or potentially drop them, depending on your situation.

AC Replacement Las Vegas - Nevada Residential Services

Your budget is of course a big factor. More expensive does not always mean better, more often than not, it is important to examine future expenses with a new setup, your future electricity and repair costs. You may save a penny on buying a cheaper setup, and end up paying double in fixing it, efficiency costs and wise versa. The most expensive system does not always mean the most efficient. Choose wisely, and Nevada Residential Services is here to help you make the best decision whether you want a Air Conditioner Replacement or you don’t need one.

Here is a list of possible alternatives to consider:

  •  If your house does not have a duct work, a ductless mini split system is your best option
  •  If you want a standard system, packaged AC units and split systems is what you actually need
  • and the last, if you are interested in cooling off certain rooms of the house, or adding, try considering portable window and wall units.

More systems are available, please book a Nevada Residential Services professional for a consultation on the best option for you.


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