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If you would like an alternative to traditional air conditioning system, Ductless Mini Split HVAC Systems are your best alternative. How it works? It focuses on individual rooms rather than the whole house. Which makes it more energy efficient, easier to install and maintain, and gives you more control over which rooms you want to be cooler or warmer. The ductless mini split systems are good for homes without ductwork space. Large living spaces with multiple zones, enclosed patios, and new additions to your home.

More advantages include:

You get control over the ductless mini split hvac systems, which allows you to create a zoned cooling system. This means that those rooms which are not in use most of the time, will not require to be cooled off or heated up. Which brings us to the next advantage:


The system works towards making comfort only in those rooms which you use them. Therefore reducing your energy costs, and working more efficiently to cool off or warm up the rooms you want much faster. Because the ductless split system emits air directly from the inside blower, there is no degradation of temperature, which means no loss of cold or warm air.

Finally, the advantage of quietness of operation. While the standard AC systems make quite a bit of noise when running, such as rattling of the ducts, the ductless mini split HVAC systems eliminate this issue, and instead of hearing this rattling noise, you simply feel a nice cool air coming through the blowers.

How the Ductless Mini Split HVAC Systems

Your walls/ceilings will have mounted air handling units through which the ductless system will pump cold or warm refrigerant. These wall and ceiling mounted air handling units install in each room. As well as each one will have its own wireless electronic temperature control system, which will give you full control over which temperature you want to have in each one of these rooms. This is how it works;

Wireless Control Unit – will let you adjust the temperature to your comfort, as well as the fan speed itself.

Indoor Unit – This unit directs the cold or warm air to where you want it to go within your home.

Outdoor Unit – This unit pumps the heated or cooled air from the outside into your home.

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Differences between the Ductless Mini Split HVAC Systems and standard AC systems:

Both the ductless and the standard systems have outside condensing units with a copper tubing that runs inside, and this is about the only 2 similarities between them. As mentioned above, the air in the ductless split system is being pumped through a wall or ceiling mounted blower unit, while in the standard AC, the air is pumped through ducts. Each blower unit inside your house can be operated separately in each room. Even though it is connected to only one outdoor unit.