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6 common AC repairs that you can avoid in Las Vegas, NV

6 common AC repairs that you can avoid in Las Vegas, NV

Why are air conditioner failures common enough if it’s possible to avoid them? Well, not all HVAC owners are aware of the most reasonable way to prevent common repairs, save their money and avoid stress.

But first, let’s look at the malfunctions that are most frequent in Las Vegas and see what they have in common.

Have you already faced these air conditioner failures?

  1. Refrigerant leaks

    This is one of the most common reasons why an air conditioner may have lower efficiency and cool the home poorly. Refrigerant leaks usually stem from damaged pipes or loose joints. When you feel that your split system stops cooling the air as it should, it’s time to have it refilled, as low refrigerant level can lead to compressor overheating.

  2. Poor air cooling & weak airflow

    The simplest cause for poor air cooling and weak airflow is dirty AC filters, coils and vents. They get clogged fast enough and so often suffer from contamination. The air going through clogged filters carry dirt and dust directly to the evaporator coil and worsen heat absorption. As a result, HVAC owners notice a significant reduction in air conditioning performance and an increase in energy consumption.

  3. Indoor water leaks

    The water is most likely to leak from the indoor AC unit due to a clogged drainage system. The thing is that during the operation of a split system, condensate that forms on the heat exchanger should be removed from the outdoor unit through a thin drainage pipe. If that pipe is clogged, the condensate has nothing else to do but be removed from the indoor unit.

  4. Weird loud noises

    As an AC owner, you might know that air conditioner operation is normally characterized by monotonous noise. Any changes or appearance of other noises needs urgent attention, specialist involvement and professional repairs. Crackling in the outdoor unit is considered the most dangerous one, since it might indicate a compressor malfunction or a fan failure.

  5. Slight or strong odor

    Slight or strong, any smell coming from the air cooling system means that it doesn’t work properly. Bad odor is the consequence of bacteria, fungi or mold formation in dirty filters, a drainage system or the whole indoor unit. Moreover, dirt and dust and a higher humidity level can negatively affect the residents’ health. So, the HVAC system needs an emergency cleaning.

  6. Fan malfunction

    The fan is a rather sensitive part of any split system. It can easily start spinning more slowly or stop working. The list of possible causes related to the incorrect fan operation includes deformed or damaged fan blades, condenser failure, dirty fan blades, motor failure, etc. Fan malfunction can bring about further serious breakdowns, such as outdoor unit overheating.

When facing common air conditioner failures in Las Vegas or any other issues related to the operation of a split system, the first thing to do is using professional AC repair services. This will exclude problem exacerbation.

In fact, the shared feature of common air cooling system malfunctions is that they can be avoided. So, what is a tried-and-true way to prevent common AC repairs and keep a cooling system running smoothly?

The best and the cheapest way to prevent common AC repairs

As we could understand, the most frequent causes for the mentioned AC repairs are dirty filters, coils, vents or the whole AC unit, damaged pipes, loose joints, clogged drainage system, etc. Good news is that all of them can be prevented!

According to HVAC experts, the durable functioning of the split system highly depends on regular air conditioning maintenance. Typically, it includes diagnostics to check the current condition of the AC unit, overall cleaning with professional products, tools and special equipment, and other necessary maintenance works. Therefore, it’s only reasonable to entrust AC maintenance services to qualified and experienced technicians.

Timely cleaning of the air conditioner from dust and dirt accumulating inside and significantly affecting its operation will prevent the following unpleasant and even dangerous consequences, such as worse operation of the air cooling system, violation of heat exchange, compressor overload, any leaks, unpleasant smell and strange noises appearance, bacteria, fungi, and mold formation, and others.

Timely air conditioning maintenance & cleaning is known to be the best and cheapest way to prevent common AC failures and help to avoid unwanted expenses on repairs and replacing expensive parts of the air conditioner.

Avoiding common air conditioning repairs in Las Vegas is easy! – You can always rely on the Nevada Residential Services and our knowledgeable team - we are a local Las Vegas HVAC contractor ready to solve any heating or cooling related issues. Call us anytime or shchedule an appointment online.