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We at Nevada Residential Services (NRS) take pride in our work, and we take responsibility to take care of your Las Vegas Air Conditioning Repair & Replacement. We know that our job is very important because our customers depend on it, and depend on our work ethic. If we do the work, we ensure to perform to our best ability. If not done right, we will be getting recalls, which we try to keep to a minimum. You cannot always avoid recalls due to unpredictability of parts, extreme heat conditions and the age of certain units.

However, our team will do their best to make sure that the recall, if ever happen, will not be due to neglectful, unethical work performance of our professional technicians. We have a very low recall ratio, and almost never get any. So, by providing you with the greatest work ethic on our side and give you the best service that you deserve. We bring comfort to your home, by keeping it cool on extremely hot summer days. Cooling down your house properly is crucial in Las Vegas. Properly working Air Conditoner also vital to good health, good sleep, and overall quality of life that you spend at home.

Las Vegas Air Conditioning Repair & Replacement

Las Vegas Air Conditioning Service & Replacement. Neglecting your air conditioning

Neglecting your air conditioning system and not getting maintenance on time, or noticing a problem and not addressing it may lead to much severe outcomes, including but not limited to APD, breaking down of your entire AC unit, less HVAC Efficiency, and therefore higher energy bills, and much more.

In conclusion, it is important to note that when you want your house to be cool. But you are experiencing issues with the cooling process, do not wait too long to make that phone call and book an appointment to get your system serviced as soon as possible. It may be something as simple as replacing your filters (see Air Filter section for more information and tips to do it yourself). It may be an issue in the attic, on the outdoor unit, on your packaged unit on the roof (RTU), may be your thermostat (see thermostat repair / replacement section for more details).

We will come down as soon as possible to diagnose and solve this problem. Therefore, we do not like to keep our customers waiting too long, because we all have experienced what it feels like not having AC in such crazy heat at one point or another. And we know how you feel. We are working very hard to have a technician available for every customer within reasonable time frames.

24 Hour AC Service

Call us for any AC issues or questions you may have, due to Las Vegas Air Conditioning Repair & Replacement. including: Air Conditioning repair, AC maintenance, AC installation, AC Tune-Up or Thermostat replacement and installation.

Nevada Residential Services is here to help!

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