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To avoid costly breakdowns of your furnace and for the best possible performance of your heater and heating system as a whole, we recommend performing regular heater maintenance. Typically Heater needs to be checked at least once every year, preferably prior the cold season, by doing so you can ensure that it is in proper functioning condition and that there will be no problems during cold winter. Its no secret that even furnace manufacturers themselves recommend annual inspections as well as regular heater maintenance by a professional technician.

Regular Heater tune-ups can provide better HVAC efficiency, save you money and protect you from the stress of a sudden repair during a chilly winter nights.

Heater Tune-Up Checklist

Our professional HVAC technicians will clean and inspect your furnace:

  • Cleaning — Filters, the outdoor unit, blower, fan blades, and drain line all tend to get dirty and dusty over time. Especially if there are some pets in the house. Inspection — We look for cracks, wear and tear, and other signs of potential upcoming heater problems.
  • Testing — We test the fuel pressure, airflow, thermostat controls, igniter, and other stuff. Gas and oil furnaces require regular maintenance because of the potential hazardous situations and dangers of leaks and fumes.
  • Lubricating — Every couple of year's motor parts of any furnace needs to be lubricated. If they dry out, the motor can receive substantial damage.
  • Other adjustments — By using a Performance Evaluation Computer (PEC) for advanced testing we can get a lot of additional data that will help us to perform better heater tune-up maximazing efficiency and your home comfort.

Annual heater maintenance in las vegas

Why Water Heater Maintenance needed?

It's the cold season again, and you are wondering whether to do a maintenance check or not? It is as simple as that, if you want your heater to run and meet the requirements for many years to come, it is important to do regular maintenance to make sure all parts are in good working condition, and no wears and tears anywhere in the system. Even though certain things can be done alone, most of them will require a professional technician to make sure the job is doneright, and you will not encounter any unexpected issues on a chilly night when the last thing you want is for your heater to stop working. In order to learn more about self-maintenance, learn about what type of heater you have and a type of Heater Maintenance you need.

What Will We Do

When you call Nevada Residential Services to book your next Heater Maintenance appointment, here is what you can expect:

Check all electrical connections

Filter change

Airflow check

Lubricate necessary parts

Check the coils and burners

Gas line check

Perform a safety inspection

Thermostat check

Check the longevity and condition of all belts

Overall inspection for all possible damages

To book your service appointment:

When you book your appointment you will receive a full inspection service that will leave you confident that you starting the cold season with a properly functional heater. Call Nevada Residential Services to book your service appointment in Las Vegas.

How often should heaters be serviced?
We generally recommend that you drain and remove the sediment from your water heater at least once a year. Ideally your furnace needs to be serviced and repaired during a pre-winter heater tune up. This helps to ensure the proper and sufficient supply of hot water to your home and needs, and at the same time prevents the sediment from corroding the water heater's components.
How long does a residential(home) heater last?
If mainteined properly then on average most Heaters (or Furnaces) last no less then 15-20 years. Often Furnace is installed along with AC unit, but AC life expectancy is a bit smaller - air conditioning units usually last 10-15 years, so keep that in mind. Electric or gas water heaters has a life expectancy of about 10 years, while tankless water heaters last more than 20 years. Summary: Brand, type of a furnace and regular maintenance performed by professional technician will maximise efficiency and useful life of your Heating system.

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  • Job well done!!!

    Great experience all around! Scott was great explaining everything during heater maintenance procedure. Great HVAC company and would recommend to anyone!

    Greg V. Las Vegas

  • Professional & honest

    They were nice, knowledgeable, and honest! Did a great job. Would call them again if needed.

    Amanda C. Las Vegas

  • Great HVAC service

    NRS provided us with quick and professional service. Tech inspected our furnace and fixed few issues in the process that could cause a major problems in the future. Thanks! Would recommend!!

    Roman S. Las Vegas