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Trending HVAC solutions in 2022 Las Vegas, NV

Trending HVAC solutions in 2022 Las Vegas, NV

Extreme environmental woes have long been one of the main concerns of today’s society. There are many discussions about this issue aimed at finding more and more ways to make our lives less environmentally damaging.

In quest of the most effective strategies to save our nature, HVAC industry doesn’t remain outside, too. Air conditioning manufacturers are gradually demonstrating green AC solutions.

What are the prospects for the development of the HVAC market in 2022? Modern air conditioners not only embody current trends in design, practicality and functionality, but also contribute to better energy efficiency & indoor air quality.

What does HVAC industry have to offer in 2022?

Air conditioning systems have already evolved into devices that, alongside maintaining the set indoor temperature, also control humidity level, have advanced air purification & ventilation functions and generally create a comfortable environment.

But there’s more to it than that. They are also becoming an effective means of saving energy and reducing pollution.

One of the most visible and enduring tendencies within the HVAC industry is going green. This is a global trend that is all-important for all of us, both now and in the long term. Almost all large corporations already uptake green technologies that help reduce the harmful impact on the environment. Its benefits include improving the environment and human health, saving energy and increasing production efficiency. As a cutting-edge strategy for the Air Conditioning market, green technologies increase the demand for heat pump installation.

Alongside new energy efficiency standards, there are more and more new modern and sophisticated functions that facilitate AC owners’ lives.

Inspired by these ideas and tendencies, many HVAC manufacturers are coming up with new technologies in order to harness the green potential of air conditioners.

Keep up with modern HVAC technology & innovations

For you to be aware of what is happening on the heating, ventilation and air conditioning market, we’d like to share with you air conditioning technology & innovations.

1. Ductless HVAC Systems

Of course, among HVAC trends in 2022 there are convenient ductless systems. Their name makes it plain that ductless mini split system installation excludes the ductwork and, thus, saves money. This is especially beneficial when the property isn’t spacious enough for ducting. Nowadays, this type of systems comes with lots of smart and energy-saving functions as well as zoning option.

2. Solar air conditioning systems

Another AC future-facing innovation is going solar. Everyone knows about using the sun energy to generate electricity. Solar air conditioners use the sun energy with the help of photovoltaic panels to convert it into AC electricity. These devices run on small batteries that keep the AC unit running when it's dark, however need to be recharged periodically. Solar air conditioning systems are great energy savers that will make a lasting positive impact on the environment.

3. Smart air conditioners

Smart functions in modern HVAC systems make it possible to remotely control the air conditioner via Wi-Fi on your phone. For instance, the smart functions include switching on when a person enters the room; automatic temperature detection in all rooms, for subsequent even cooling; switching on the economy mode when there is nobody in the room; self-cleaning option which eliminates bacteria, dust and moisture.

4. HVAC zoning systems

This option boosts the energy-saving potential of your home by enabling to divide it into a few different zones. The temperature is maintained separately in each room. It means that in case some of them are empty, they don't have to be equally cooled. Zoning solution can be a part of other HVAC systems and applied additionally.

5. Geothermal HVAC systems

This is one of the modern eco-friendly solutions for residential air conditioning. Geothermal systems are efficient due to their limitless energy supply in the first place. For heating and cooling the property, geothermal HVAC systems use the ground energy, convert and supply it through heat pumps.

The advantages of geothermal systems include taking energy from nature (no need to use gas and electricity); durability (they can function perfectly for more than 30 years); being environmentally-friendly (no harmful emissions into the atmosphere); high level of performance and safety; cost-effectiveness (no need to spend money on maintenance and AC repair); reliability and operational efficiency.

Well-known brands offering such type of heating & cooling systems are Mitsubishi, Daikin, LG, Bosch, Hitachi, Cooper & Hunter and others. We service all of them.


Improve your home's energy efficiency & indoor air quality

Nevada Residential Services is a Las Vegas HVAC company that is always keeping up with trends and environment-saving solutions as to residential AC units. We believe that considering green air conditioning installation for your home stimulates sensible attitude towards environmental problems and lays the foundation for boosting clean-energy transition.

Our team provides professional air conditioning installation throughout Las Vegas. We install air conditioners of all brands such as American Standard, Carrier, Trane, Rheem, Goodman, Lennox, York, Ruud and others.

Every home has a different square footage, number of rooms, ceiling height and so require different HVAC solutions. Contacting NRS team, you will receive a quick new central AC installation of any complexity. But before that, our clients get informative advice on various modern options for better energy efficiency & indoor air quality for their home.

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