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AC type: Package Unit

AC Package unit on the roof in Las Vegas

Package Unit Air Conditioning system

Although the most common AC type is a split system, many houses in Las Vegas which were built before or in the early 2000's have the Air Conditioning system up on the roof. Many condominiums also have the AC up on the roof.

These are called Package Units. The reason is that unlike the split system, where you have one part outside, and one part inside, the package unit has all in one, and everything is located on the roof. These units work the same way as a split system, but can be slightly harder to access because they are on the roof.

When replacing such units, it is necessary to use a crane in order to remove the old unit from the roof, and then place the new one in its place. During these installations it is very important to follow all codes and ensure a clean installation as the unit is on the roof, and it is very easy to damage. NRS Team works with the most professional installers to ensure everything is done correctly and up to ours and your standards.

Some advantages you may benefit from when you have a package unit:
You dont have anything in your attic that can create vibrations or unwanted noises when the unit becomes old and out of shape. When the unit is being replaced we like to use adjustable curbs instead of a stand with a transition. This may give you better airflow and higher efficiency because the air now has to travel less distance and doesnt have direct contact with a transition which gets very hot from being exposed to the sun (this will makes your air less cool due to transfer of energy). An adjustable curb makes the air go straight down your ducts directly from the unit, without going through a hot transition passage, leading to the air coming from your vents being cooler than if you had a transition.

It is recommended that you use Only professional, licensed technicians and contractors to work on your HVAC system, especially package units which are located on your roof.

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