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Split AC Installation Service in Las Vegas

Split AC Installation Service in Las Vegas

When it comes to updating your Air Conditioner, it is vital to understand the pros and cons of each type of HVAC system. The choice of a customer usually depends on the size, cost, energy efficiency, and quality of the product. If you are new to the topic, in this article we will compare the two popular HVAC systems: the Ductless AC and the Central Air System.

Ductless AC vs Central Air

Despite having the similar construction of two units, these two AC systems differ a lot. Central Air Conditioning has been a standard and a traditional choice for many homes and businesses in Las Vegas, whereas Ductless mini-split AC system installation is a new alternative, which becomes more attractive to a lot of customers.

  • Which one is cheaper?

    At this point, there is a clear advantage of the Ductless AC unit, as it is considered a cost-effective one. In comparison, Central Air systems are much more expensive to install and maintain. So, if your budget is limited, it is reasonable to stick to the first option.

  • What area does each one cover?

    Choosing the Air Conditioner, the size of your house or business matters a lot. For example, if your house is bigger than 2300 feet, it is better to choose Central Air System, as Ductless AC does not have enough power to cool it all.

  • Which AC system has a higher energy efficiency?

    Despite being cost-effective, a Ductless AC unit is more efficient, than a Central Air. Whereas central systems usually have the highest efficiency of 21 SEER, the best models of ductless systems are available up to 26 SEER rating.

If you are not sure which type of AC is better for you, contact Nevada Residential Services. Our air conditioning & heating company provides customers with a consultation and free estimates, so having a specialists' suggestion and an approximate budget, it will be easier for you to make a decision about an split system air conditioner.

Low-Cost Split AC Installation in Las Vegas

The next important step of updating your air conditioner is contacting the local HVAC contractor. With AC systems, it is better to avoid a DIY approach, as the job requires certain equipment, qualification, and experience. For this reason, we suggest you start working with our company.

Nevada Residential Services Air Conditining & Heating, being one of the most trusted company in Southern Nevada, specializes in AC Installation & Service for many years. The team of our professional technicians has experienced working with different types of AC systems, including Central Air, Package Units, Ductless Split Systems, etc. Our company is familiar with all areas of AC Repair, Replacement & Service in Las Vegas, NV.

How long does it take to install a split system air conditioner?

The accurate timing of installing a split system air conditioner depends on the number of units. An average length is about 4-5 hours, and each additional unit usually lengthens the process for 2 more hours.

Are mini-splits worth the money?

Definitely yes. Mini-splits are energy efficient, quiet, and cost-effective, which makes them a nice alternative to traditional AC systems.

Choosing a Ductless mini-split AC system installation gives you a list of benefits, including saving a lot of money, as this type of AC is cheaper to maintain, comparing to other air conditioning systems.