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5 signs you need an urgent AC Replacement

5 signs you need an urgent AC Replacement

We all witness that technologies are changing with phenomenal speed. Newly devised air conditioners with improved features are appearing on the HVAC market and attracting more and more buyers.

The split system normally works up to 10-15 years. But if the capacity of the air conditioner is reduced or the model itself is outdated, some questions arise. Is it time to replace your air conditioning unit? What are the signs that indicate that you need a new Air Conditioning system? Is it worth replacing the old air conditioner with a new one if it is still working?

This is when you should schedule AC replacement asap

You shouldn’t turn a blind eye to the following signs you need a new heating and air conditioning system:

1. The HVAC System is too old

After 10-15 years of operation, old AC models fail to work well and efficiently. The internal details of the system are strongly worn out as a result of long operation. What is more, they lack many useful functions and features that are a must now. The result will include higher electricity bills.

2. The air conditioner doesn’t cope with heating/cooling

If the split system doesn’t perform its function and fails to cool the room to a sufficient extent, the level of comfort simply couldn’t be maintained. This problem may stem from poor AC installation, the wrong choice of the HVAC type for your property or room expansion.

3. AC repair is too costly

Because of severe damage or some serious issues, an air conditioner may need HVAC emergency repair that can even reach half the price of a new split system. Or it might be very difficult to find needed spare parts for your AC model, which will make the repair rather expensive. In these cases, it is reasonable to replace your air conditioning unit.

4. Furnace and AC repairs are excessively frequent

You wouldn’t like to become a frequent visitor to HVAC companies, would you? If the air conditioner breaks down too often, requiring specialist intervention, it means that it’s time to consider professional AC replacement.

5. The energy bills are “sky-high”

Over time, the energy bills may become too high with no practical solution to it. It’s a clear sign that there’s a need to save your money and reduce the bills by replacing your AC unit with a modern one.  

How can I prolong the lifespan of my HVAC system?

In order for your air conditioner to work efficiently, you need to adhere to a few recommendations:

  • Clean the filters of the indoor unit regularly;

  • In case the air conditioner ceases to function normally, and it is exacerbated by some changes in its operation (e.g. water dripping from the indoor unit, worse level of cooling, crackles and other extraneous noise, etc.), it is necessary to turn off the air conditioner and get help from a trustworthy HVAC contractor in Las Vegas;

  • Call reliable HVAC technicians to carry out preventive maintenance regularly (at least 2 times a year), so that they can check the pressure in the system, conduct a complete inspection of the air conditioner in all operating modes, identify hidden malfunctions if any, clean the indoor and outdoor units and provide all necessary services for the split system.

How to decide between HVAC emergency repair and replacement?

We’d like to elucidate that not all air conditioner failures make it reasonable to replace it with a new one.

If your HVAC system is completely out of repair or shows the above-mentioned signs you need a new HVAC units, there’s certainly a good reason to think of replacing it, since it will significantly save a lot of expenses and energy consumption.

On the other hand, if your split system is relatively new and the necessary repairs are not that costly, it is easier to repair it instead of purchasing a new one.

In any case, though, it is always sensible to contact professional HVAC technicians. After a thorough AC inspection, they will tell you for sure, whether it is necessary to repair or to replace your AC unit.

Professional AC replacement & new AC installation in Las Vegas

Don’t wait until the problem is even more exacerbated at the most inopportune moment. Once you observe upon some deviations from normal operation of your air conditioner or the aforementioned signs you need a new HVAC system, don’t hesitate and call Nevada Residential Services.

Our specialists will diagnose your split system in order to determine if AC emergency repair is necessary. In case AC replacement is the only possible option, our team can advise you on a new air conditioner. This is an important step, and you should understand that the choice of a new Heating and Cooling system depends on a number of factors and, moreover, the current HVAC market is full of up-to-date sophisticated models, which makes the selection a little harder.

Replacing an old air conditioner with a new one means you’ll get a more energy-efficient model with better heating and cooling qualities.

Want to replace your air conditioning unit and get a professional AC installation in Las Vegas as soon as possible? There’s only one step left for you to take – call Nevada Residential Services and our technicians will come to help: 702.935.0777.