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What innovative features will future air conditioners have?

What innovative features will future air conditioners have?

All air conditioners have the standard feature set that includes cooling & heating, dehumidification and ventilation. But future HVAC technology is aimed at going far beyond this by expanding and diversifying the variety of features available and combining advanced automation level and better energy efficiency.

Depending on the model and brand of air conditioners, the set of smart AC benefits & features differs. So, what innovations & improvements does the HVAC industry offer?


Main focus of modern and future HVAC systems

Development of modern and future air cooling systems is mainly focused on smarter automation, so that AC owners can maximize the convenient use of their air conditioners.

Among the priorities of HVAC innovations is also an increased energy efficiency level, which includes using safe refrigerants, becoming more environmentally-friendly and optimizing the AC operation for maximum energy savings.

So, the major mission of cutting-edge air conditioner improvements is to make leaps in taking care of the environment and adding smart tech to your home.


Impressive features to be a part of sophisticated air conditioners

The future of heating and cooling offers amazing additional functions that modern air conditioning systems either already have or are going to be featured with. Here are heating, cooling & ventilation innovations to be a part of sophisticated air conditioners.

Auto mode

Auto mode is a useful and convenient feature of a split system. It means that an air conditioner selects the right mode itself as well as sets the fan speed, depending on the temperature in the room. You do not have to switch modes every time, as the split system will do this automatically. Some AC models allow the owners to set the desired temperature, which will be maintained in auto mode.

Other air conditioning systems have humidity sensors and so can turn on the dehumidification or ventilation in auto mode in order to reduce humidity level and boost air circulation.

Turbo mode

Turbo mode is a great feature that allows to cool the room faster, when it’s necessary.

In turbo mode, an air cooling system increases its productivity to 110–120% for up to 30 minutes in order to reach the set temperature ​​faster. Once the temperature is reached, the air conditioner switches back to the mode that was set earlier.


The timer will help optimize the AC operation time and minimize the amount of energy used by the device.

With this function, you can program the split system so that it cools the room right before you come home from work. Some AC models make it possible to plan the operation time for the upcoming week. In this case, you do not need to set the timer every day – just program it in advance, so that, for example, the air conditioner turns on before you wake up, turns off after you leave home, and turns on before you come back home.

Advanced air filtration

All central air conditioning systems have a filter that protects the components of the indoor unit from dust, animal hair, fluff and other small debris floating in the air and prevents the AC unit from malfunctions.

Some air conditioners are also equipped with more advanced air filtration system like antibacterial, carbon, electrostatic, HEPA and other types of filters or even UV lamps. Additional filters are aimed at purifying the air from bacteria, viruses, odors and gases.

Air ionization

The ionization function is focused on air saturation with negative ions. Ionized air is believed to strengthen the immune system, improve well-being, and eliminate the negative effects of electrical appliances.

People, for whom it’s essential to have an air conditioner with this feature, choose the devices with a built-in air ionizer or a cold plasma generator.


Self-cleaning is one of the most important additional AC functions, which takes care of the owners’ health.

When the split system is operating in cooling or dehumidification mode, some condensation remains on the heat exchanger. This is a favorable environment for viruses, bacteria and mold growth inside the AC unit. Inhalation of air with these microorganisms might provoke respiratory diseases or allergies. So, the self-cleaning feature stops this from happening.

Intelligent eye

The infrared sensor determines the presence of people in the room. If the sensor does not detect movement in the room for 20 minutes, the air conditioner will turn off.

It is a practical HVAC function to save energy when the air conditioner is running. With this feature, you can leave the air conditioner on, and it will switch to the sleep mode when you leave the room or fall asleep. It is also useful for forgetful people who, when left home, cannot remember if the split system is on or off.


The Swing function changes the position of the horizontal shutters, which allows for even air distribution or channeling it in a certain direction. In some models, you can change the direction of the air flow both vertically and horizontally.

Swing is a useful AC feature, which helps to establish a comfortable air supply in the right direction.

I feel

This function is good for maintaining the set temperature in the area where the remote control is located. The thing is that it has the temperature sensor built in it, so you should just place the remote control next to you and enjoy the most comfortable temperature right where you are.

Besides, the owners can adjust this mode according to their feelings by pressing the “too cool” or “too warm” buttons. The air conditioner remembers the user's preferences and immediately maintains the desired temperature in the “I Feel” mode.

I see

Some models of split systems are equipped with an infrared sensor that measures the temperature of the surrounding surfaces.

This is a useful function, that adds more precision to the AC operation. So, in cooling mode, the device will first cool the warmest parts of the room, while in heating mode, it will heat cold surfaces first.

Remote control

This allows you to control the split system from an app on your phone or computer, wherever you are.

Wi-Fi control is a useful split system feature that can easily minimize the energy waste of the device. For example, you can schedule the operation time of your AC unit for a week and just control everything from the app.

Protective AC functions

There are also immensely practical functions aimed at protecting air conditioners against breakdowns. They are refrigerant leakage control, that tells you when it is time to refill the refrigerant; self-diagnostics, which reports the type of failure that has occurred; filter contamination control, which turns off the air conditioner in case of a big amount of dirt in filters.

As we can see, air conditioner improvements go far beyond cooling or heating. To make the right choice, you should be aware of the variety of useful and practical features and operating modes, and pay attention to those AC models that meet your requirements.


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