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6 steps homeowners should take before a new AC unit installation

6 steps homeowners should take before a new AC unit installation

Did you know that you personally can improve the quality and durability of your air conditioning? Of course, proper Air Conditioning system installation (be it split system or ductless mini-split system) is what the HVAC technicians are responsible for. But good preparation for this endeavour is the homeowner’s task.

In case you have no idea how to prepare for a new air cooling system installation, let’s look through the smart steps you can take in order to increase the chances of better AC performance in Las Vegas.


Prepare for a new air conditioning system installation properly

1. It all begins with the right place to install a new AC unit

Here are a few things to consider. First, no objects must hinder the free air circulation. What is more, the indoor unit shouldn’t be located near your workplace or bed, so that the air flow isn’t directed towards you or your family members. Otherwise, there’s a high risk of getting ill. The air conditioner should also be protected from direct sunlight. So, try to carefully assess your home and think of the best place to install a new AC unit

3. Know what is the required AC capacity for your home

Before choosing an air cooling system, it is recommended to know what cooling capacity will deal with the excessive heat in the room. One of the common ways to calculate that is by multiplying the square footage of the room with 25 BTU (British thermal unit). Yet, if there are many appliances in the room, it’s worth considering a split system with a higher capacity. If you have problems with this step, best is to discuss the issue with the HVAC experts.

3. Know your budget

It’s only reasonable to plan your expenses for a new air conditioning installation. A good idea would be to select a split system based on the required set of features and the chosen brand, as this will narrow your search. Next, you should check the corresponding prices and, also, compare the pricing of air conditioning installation services throughout Las Vegas, so that you know what expenses to be ready for.

4. Schedule AC installation in advance

By discussing the date and time with the local HVAC contractor in advance, you can easily reduce the necessary hassle. You’ll know exactly when the technicians will arrive, so you can plan your time better. If you have any questions as to the installation process or any relevant nuances you’re interested in and would like to ascertain, don’t forget to discuss them with the manager. It will be of great help during the preparation.

6. Provide access to the installation site

Any residential AC installation & replacement requires enough space for the technicians to conduct their job safely and properly. On your part, you can remove decor items such as paintings, plants, shelves and other things that are likely to get in the way and complicate the process. Besides, don’t forget to protect the furniture and appliances from dust by covering them with some cloth.

6. Check how your new air conditioner works

Although you can do this only after the installation itself, it’s important to check the quality of the work performed. Make sure that all modes and features function properly. You should also ask the specialists to tell you about the preventative AC maintenance to maximize the efficiency and the lifespan of the system.

Remember that following these simple recommendations on homeowners’ part along with skilled technicians that will perform new Air Conditioner installation is a guarantee of proper air conditioning installation and a longer lifespan of your air conditioning system.


How long does it take to install an air conditioner?
Central air conditioning system installation is a rather complicated and time-consuming process that requires knowledge and commitment. Typically, it takes 3 hours for professionals to install a new AC unit from A to Z. However, the required time may differ depending on the specific scope of installation works.


We can help you choose a new AC unit!

It’s not uncommon for Las Vegas homeowners to ask us to help them choose a new air cooling system. Given the variety of HVAC technology on the market, this is quite understandable. If you find difficulties comparing available options, or simply dont have a time for it, then give us a call – our team will give you recommendations based on your requirements and the characteristics of your home.

Once you’ve decided on the model of the air conditioner, it is very important to pay due attention to the installation stage, because it has a great impact on smooth AC operation and proper cooling. Your responsibility here is only to follow the steps mentioned above. Dont try to go DIY route here, better leave professional AC installation to a top-rated Las Vegas HVAC contractor.

Nevada Residential Services is always ready to assist with quality HVAC services and offer professional residential air conditioning installation services and its further maintenance.

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