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How can the right HVAC contractor help in lowering energy costs?

How can the right HVAC contractor help in lowering energy costs?

Installation of an air conditioner in any house definitely leads to additional energy costs. In order to reasonably plan their own budget, many buyers are naturally interested in how to lower energy costs for air conditioning & heating.

In fact, the amount of energy consumed by split systems and multi-split systems doesn’t only depend on the operating modes and power consumption. There are also some other factors that might increase heating & cooling energy costs:

  • Dirty filters: the dust accumulated inside the AC Unit leads to overheating of the device. As a result, it will increase electricity consumption. Therefore, timely AC cleaning will reduce the energy bills as well as the service life and quality of the device.
  • Malfunctions of different AC components: faulty compressor, condenser coil, evaporator coil, fan are likely to be a source of increased heat load on the split system. In these cases, it’ll be hard to avoid higher costs.
  • Power calculation errors: The money you spend on the bills also depends on the initial calculation of the power of the air conditioner. If it isn’t done properly, you’ll notice the decrease in the operation of the split system and bigger figures in the energy bills.
  • Home insulation problems: weak or damaged home insulation can cause uneven heating and big problems retaining indoor heat.
  • Lack of HVAC Maintenance: Leaks in a Ductwork, Inefficient Furnace, Thermostat Issues and many other issues can substantially lower the comfort and increase your energy bills.

Here’s the question: Does a heating contractor have anything to do with energy bills?

A professional HVAC contractor – your real help in reducing energy costs

There’s a proven way to prevent the aforesaid issues. It is timely maintenance conducted by professional and certified technicians. If heating and AC maintenance is not carried out in a timely manner, this will have a negative impact on some components of your air conditioner.;

Just keep in mind that any air conditioner requires certain care and maintenance. Otherwise, there is a chance of malfunction that will cause increased energy bills. It is recommended to call a local HVAC contractor twice a year for stable and high-quality operation.

Get your best HVAC maintenance plan with Nevada Residential Services

Nevada Residential Services is a Las Vegas heating & air conditioning company that provides quality AC maintenance, as a part of our HVAC services. This will ensure the proper operation of the air conditioner and will help lower energy costs for air conditioning & heating. Our technicians also specialize in HVAC repair & service, regardless of the malfunction complexity. What is more, we offer warranty for the work performed.

We are proud to invite our customers to participate in our Energy Savings Agreement club. Among the benefits are 15 % discount on all future repairs, 10 % discount on future installations, priority service, no charge for emergency calls, waived service fees, 2 complete HVAC tune-ups per year, indoor air quality proposal, lower utility bills, fewer repairs, improved performance and much more.

To get the best HVAC maintenance plan in order to lower energy costs,

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