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Indoor Air Quality Las Vegas

Better Indoor Air Quality for your home in Las Vegas

It is important to understand how humidity can have an impact on us and our wellbeing. The humidity which we experience is caused by the outside weather and temperatures. Too much moisture in your house will make the air feel stuffy and most likely warmer than the actual temperature, which also gives life to microbes, fungus and other bacteria. With low moisture in your house, sore throat and dry skin can be experienced, and even your furniture can be affected by it.

The best level of humidity for your home, for best comfort and to avoid any possible bacteria from developing seems to be between 45-50%. A humidifier and a dehumidifier can help you achieve this level of humidity in your house.

Contact Nevada Residential Services professionals today to find out more about how a whole home central dehumidifiers can make your home much more comfortable for you, and which ones you should go with. Even though you cannot control the weather forecast and the humidity outside, it does not mean that you cannot achieve the perfect humidity level for yourself in your own home, and this is where our technicians will be at your best service.

More about how humidifiers and dehumidifiers help you:

Humidifiers control the moisture of the air

Ventilators bring in fresh air

Filters clean air and remove pollutants

Nevada Residential Services will provide you with the best maintenance and repair services for your humidifiers and dehumidifiers in your home at Las Vegas

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