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Most Common Signs That Your AC Needs a Repair

Most Common Signs That Your AC Needs a Repair

Each of us knows how inconvenient this is when the air conditioner goes off in Las Vegas, NV. As practice shows, it tends to happen at the most unpleasant time, which causes additional troubles.

But is there any chance to avoid this situation? Actually, yes. For this reason, we have described signs that will become indicators that your AC might need a repair in the near future. By knowing them, you will easily prevent sudden repairs, and, therefore, will be able to save some money.

5 signs that you need an AC repair

  1. Loud Noise

    One of the most common problems that signals about the potential breakage is loud noise. If you hear scraping or squealing while your air conditioning system is working, you better immediately call HVAC services. This issue might be the warning that your fan motor needs to be checked ASAP.

  2. Warm air

    Another indicator that something is wrong is the warm air blowing out of your AC. In this situation, you should check if the thermostat is switched to a cooling mode. If it is, but the warm air is still blowing, do not hesitate to hire professional AC repair & replacement technicians, as this issue may be a serious problem.

  3. Humidity

    Reducing the amount of humidity inside the house is also an AC's job. If it cannot keep moisture on a proper level, then you better consider asking professionals for help. Noticing this issue in the beginning, will prevent it from growing into a bigger problem.

  4. Water Leaks

    Quite a common thing happening to air conditioning systems is water leakage. The reasons for that can be different: blocked tube, refrigerant leak, etc. Either way, this is a clear and urgent sign that you need an HVAC repair. If the problem is not solved on time, it can lead to structural issues.

  5. High Electric Bill

    Another way to understand that something is wrong with your air conditioner is to notice a sudden rise in electric bills. If you keep using an AC on the same level, but the payment gets high, the answer may be lying in a broken thermostat or ductwork. To find the actual cause of the problem, you should hire air conditioning repair company.

Heating and AC repair services in Las Vegas

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How long should an air conditioner system last?

The lifespan of an AC depends on many aspects, including the quality of its maintenance, which is why it may differ a lot. However, if an air conditioning system is being regularly checked, an average lifespan lasts between 10 and 15 years.

What are the advantages of AC repairing?

The answer is pretty simple: AC repairing lengthens the lifespan of the system. In many cases, it saves money as well, because usually, it is cheaper to repair an AC, than to replace it. Besides this, it purifies the air quality, which benefits our health.

So when you notice that your AC might be broken, do not throw it away, but call Nevada Residential Services AC repair & replacement specialists to check, if there is any possibility to fix the issue.