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Have you ever considered heating and cooling systems other than the standard ones? A lot of people overlook the availability and variety of different heating and cooling systems available to them. Have you ever thought about having an HVAC system consisting of a combination of cooling and heating air functions in one? Nevada Residential Services is happy to offer heat pumps, and mini split and packaged HVAC systems.

Las Vegas Heat Pumps & Packaged HVAC Systems

Due to, Our professionals will guide you with this tough decision making process to help you better understand the difference between each system and by determining your heating and cooling needs, will help you make the right choices to be more efficient and save money. Therefore, the range of products we offer helps us to make most people happy by providing a large variety which makes it available for most budgets.

The differences between the three mentioned above systems:

  • Heat Pumps – Provide all-in- one heating and cooling for your home.

  • Mini-Split Systems – Control each room separately to conserve energy.

  • Packaged Systems – A solution for limited indoor space.

As a result, leave the comfort of your homes temperature in the hands of our professional technicians atconsultants at Nevada Residential Services. Call today to book your free estimate and consultation.