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Have you ever considered heating and cooling systems other than the standard ones? A lot of people overlook the availability and variety of different heating and cooling systems available to them. Have you ever thought about having an HVAC system consisting of a combination of cooling and heating air functions in one? Nevada Residential Services is happy to offer heat pumps, and mini split and packaged HVAC systems.

Las Vegas Heat Pumps & Packaged HVAC Systems

Due to, Our professionals will guide you with this tough decision making process to help you better understand the difference between each system and by determining your heating and cooling needs, will help you make the right choices to be more efficient and save money. Therefore, the range of products we offer helps us to make most people happy by providing a large variety which makes it available for most budgets.

The differences between the three mentioned above systems:

  • Heat Pumps – Provide all-in- one heating and cooling for your home.

  • Mini-Split Systems – Control each room separately to conserve energy.

  • Packaged Systems – A solution for limited indoor space.

As a result, leave the comfort of your homes temperature in the hands of our professional technicians atconsultants at Nevada Residential Services. Call today to book your free estimate and consultation.

Package heat pumps are units that do not use natural gas in the winter time to heat your house. Despite these systems being slightly more expensive than the average gas unit, there are still some advantages to your house having one. Main advantage is you do not have to worry about any gas bills, gas leaks and other such worries. One less bill to pay is always a great thing.

Heat pumps are not for just any climate, so we are lucky in Las Vegas to be able to use such systems, as they would not function in a colder climate. Since these units work strictly on refrigerant to both cool and warm up your house, when it gets too cold outside, the pipes on these unit may become frozen, and this will significantly decrease your airflow, until there is no air whatsoever (depending on the amount of ice build up). Even in the Las Vegas, not so cold climate, these pipes are prone to freezing up. This is why hightly trusted companies and HVAC contractors such as Nevada Residential Services, use what's called "heat strips" which are installed in your heat pump unit as a backup source of heat in case the pipes become frozen. Along with the heat strips, the contractor needs to install a special 2 stage thermostat which will work with your heat pump, not every thermostat is compatible with heat pumps and this is why a regular one stage thermostat will not be suitable for a heat pump system.

It is recommended that you do some research on the type of system that you currently have installed in your house before you go ahead with its replacement. Study the companies you let inside your house for estimates. Make sure they reputable companies, check for the warranty they provide you with, labor warranty in particular. See if they are including a new thermostat with the installation of your new package heat pump unit. All these things and many more will play a big role in the quality of the installation as well as the duration of life of your new HVAC system.

Nevada Residential Services is a team of honest, trustworthy and hard working individuals who stand behind their work, who take pride in the work that they do, and most importantly Enjoy what they do - which is Helping People when they need it the most.