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Benefit from rebates for air conditioning & heat pump installation in Nevada

Benefit from rebates for air conditioning & heat pump installation in Nevada

We can’t and shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that the ecological situation is only getting worse. In particular, there’s an undeniable link between the use of gas HVAC systems and climate deterioration. Fortunately, this issue isn’t ignored within the air conditioning, heating & cooling industry, and, consequently, less environmentally damaging solutions are being currently developed. 

As a big step to approach climate changes, the US authorities devised and put forward a new High-efficiency Electric Home Rebate Program, which was signed by President Joe Biden. It mainly aims at reducing the environmental footprint of the USA residents, encouraging the clean-energy transition and stimulating sensible attitude towards the arising environmental issues in general.

Americans can use the opportunities the High-efficiency Electric Home Rebate Program offers and get a number of benefits from it:

  • Homeowners can personally contribute to preservation of the environment by replacing gas HVAC systems with heat pumps and electric appliances;
  • AC owners can be a part of positive palpable changes in terms of air quality;
  • This is a great chance to increase your home’s energy efficiency and lower power consumption by purchasing more energy efficient or repairing your current heating & cooling units on rebates;
  • You can save up to $14,000 ($8,000 on heat pump installation and other rebates to upgrade electrical appliances).


What appliances and upgrades are eligible for the High-efficiency Electric Home Rebate Program?

  • heat pumps for heating & cooling
  • heat pump water heaters
  • electric heat pump clothes dryers
  • electric stoves, cooktops, or ovens
  • electric load service center upgrades
  • insulation, air sealing & ventilation
  • electric wiring


How can Nevada residents benefit from the rebates?

The rebate program extends to all states of America, however, each of them can decide on their own to what extent they implement the program and whether they’d like to follow it at all.

Although the state of Nevada isn’t involved in this initiative for now, it is not standing aside from other rebate programs. For instance, NV Energy often offers different rebates & discounts for HVAC system owners. Here are some of the air conditioning incentives available in 2022:

  • Free smart thermostats installation
  • No-cost residential air conditioning tune-up
  • Southern Nevada residential energy efficiency rebate program
  • Residential air conditioning and water heating incentives:
    • central air conditioner replacement
    • air source heat pump replacement
    • ductless heat pump replacement or supplemental
    • income qualified air source heat pump replacement
    • income qualified ductless heat pump replacement or supplemental

As a participating contractor, Nevada Residential Services is partnering with NV Energy through the PowerShift program. If you’re interested in residential rebates for air conditioning and heat pump installation, replacement, repairs or upgrades, contact Nevada Residential Services online or dial (702) 935-0777.

Our team will consult you about available HVAC rebates and discounts, advise on how exactly you can use them and save your money. Finally, our certified technicians can help you choose the right energy-efficient options for your home as well as assist in the installation, replacement, repairs and tune-ups of your air conditioning and water heating units.

HVAC incentives are a great way to save your money and pave the way for a safer environment.


Eligibility Requirements - Who Qualifies?

The goal is to lower power consumption in the Las Vegas, so anybody who wants to lower cooling and heating bills, can qualify & take advantage of this great program while it lasts.

NV Energy Powershift program is eligible if you meet the following requirements:

  • Your system must be residential
  • You must replace your current HVAC System for the higher rebates
  • New air conditioner must be 15 SEER or higher
  • You must be an NV Energy customer
  • You must use a participating contractor like Nevada Residential Services
* Rebates are not guaranteed. Only certain equipment brands can qualify for a rebate. Please call us for more information or to find out if you qualify.


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