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Why mini-split HVAC systems are so popular

Why mini-split HVAC systems are so popular

Need a new Air Conditioner? Pay attention to mini-split systems - almost every house in your city has such equipment! Find out why these systems are so popular and if they are right for you.

What is a mini split system?

Even if you dont know what it is yet, you have probably seen the mini-split system many times, they are very popular and widespread. These are two-part heating and cooling systems. From the outside of the building, it looks like a small box with a fan, but inside it looks like an ordinary air conditioner. Such systems are used everywhere - in apartment buildings, public and private properties, in offices, hotels, restaurants and even in factories.

Split system and mini-split system are the same.

The main task of the mini-split system is to maintain a comfortable temperature and humidity in the room. How many square meters of area in the room can be processed by the device depends on its power. You can find systems designed for both small rooms (up to 15 sq.m) and large rooms (more than 80 sq.m).

What is a mini-split made of?

The “basic set” of a mini-split system includes not only a compressor with an air conditioner. The standard package also includes:

  • Outdoor unit
    The compressor takes in air from the outside through openings on the top and side. The hole in the front, in which the fan is located, is used for air outlet.
  • Indoor unit
    Familiar and well-known Air Conditioner - it receives, filters and releases air into the room. An air conditioner for an apartment can change the angle of the air flow and its temperature. It may have additional functions - their set depends on the device model.
  • Connecting pipe
    It contains tubes through which the refrigerant, thermal insulation and electrical cables circulate.
  • Remote Control
    The air conditioner can be controlled manually, but manufacturers warn that this should only be done if the remote control is lost or dead. The main control is remote, and all operating settings are available only with the help of the remote control.

Also, the kit may include fasteners for mounting (plate, several bolts), but they may not be enough (you will have to buy more).

Compressors and air conditioners may be sold separately. Carefully check the complete set of equipment before purchase and after delivery, so that you do not have to urgently buy the missing components. If some parts are missing, a quick installation (because of which many people buy a mini-split) will stretch for several days.

How a mini-split works

What happens in a split system, and how does it cool the air without large ducts?
To keep it simple, we can say that it works like a refrigerator:

  • the air conditioner draws air from the room
  • the refrigerant takes heat from the intake air
  • cooled air is returned to the room
  • the heated refrigerant enters the outdoor unit;
  • the refrigerant "dumps" the heat it has received

Most split systems do not take air from outside and do not transfer it into the room.
They are not suitable for ventilation.

As soon as the set temperature is reached in the room, the system turns off. The air conditioner will start automatically if it gets too hot or cold.

What else can a mini-split system air conditioner do (optional):

  • automatically switch between day and night mode
  • dry, humidify and ionize the air
  • mix in fresh air from outside

Advantages and requirements

A mini-split does not require much space, does not occupy a window opening and does not interfere even in the smallest rooms. All its components are very compact (that's why it is called mini) and are connected by a thin tube that goes into a separate hole in the wall (it is well sealed, does not let in cold, moisture, etc.). In addition, such a systems works very quietly.

Other benefits of a mini-split:

  • High Efficiency
  • Affordable price
  • Fast AC installation
  • Large set of functions
  • Can create different microclimate in each room

Requirements of mini-split systems:

  • You need a socket with grounding
  • One room - one system
  • Professionals should do the installation
  • You need to clean the filter about 2 times a month
  • When connecting, do not use an extension cord

What if you like a split system, but don't want to hang a lot of outdoor units outside?
Use an alternative option - multi-split. In such systems, there are several indoor air conditioner units supported by only one powerful compressor.

Mini-split is a compact and convenient air conditioning system that is easy to install and configure. It can be bought for rooms of different sizes and customized to suit different needs. Do not deny yourself comfort - buy and install modern mini-split systems. Nevada Residential Services Air Conditioning & Heating provides professional AC Installation Services in Las Vegas area.

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