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The connection of global climate change and the HVAC industry

The connection of global climate change and the HVAC industry

Within the last several years, global climate change has become a major issue, which cannot be ignored by society. The average temperature is rapidly increasing, the sea level is rising, the icebergs are melting — and this is just a part of all the climate change effects.

Considering the current situation, it becomes clear that each of us should contribute to solving this problem. This way, we will make the planet more sustainable, limit the scale of global climate change, and, in perspective, prevent natural disasters.

You may have already seen dozens of articles with instructions on how to make your living less harmful to a planet. But have you ever heard of the connection between the HVAC industry and the process of climate change? If the answer is no, this article will surely come in hand.

The influence of the HVAC industry on climate change

Obviously, the usage of air conditioners is our safeguard when the average temperature is increasing. However, many people are not aware how important it is to choose an air conditioning unit carefully and how important it is to replace an old inefficient air conditioning system for a new one once in a while. New air conditioning systems can be many times more efficient and much more environmentally friendly, also they can improve indoor air quality which is a clear win-win scenario that we all should lean towards. The bad AC units release about 100 million tonnes of carbon dioxide every single year. Of course, this results in major air pollution and causes lots of harm to the environment.

To solve the problem, nearly 200 countries have signed the environmental agreement. Its main idea is to limit the number of hydrofluorocarbon refrigerants (HFC) used in many air conditioners, as this type of refrigerant is considered one of the most damaging. Since 2020, experts suggest replacing HFCs with R-32s as environmental-friendly alternatives.

There is also an aspect of efficiency. Each Air Conditioner requires regular maintenance. It is vital to plan AC check-ups performed by a professional. If you ignore AC maintenance, very soon your air conditioner will be using much more electricity than it was supposed to. Not only will this result in huge monthly bills, but will deplete the natural resources of the planet.

Tips to prevent harmful effects on climate change

You, as a customer, have dozens of opportunities to improve this situation. The first suggestion is taking good care of your AC unit. Which means, routinely cleaning or replacing the filters every few months.

Professional air conditioning maintenance is another useful habit that you should gain. By checking your air conditioner several times a year, the specialist will be able to notice all the breakages and solve them when it is not too late yet. If you are looking for AC maintenance & cleaning services in Las Vegas, Nevada Residential Services will be glad to offer you some help.

If you want to make the usage of AC units less harmful to the climate, you should pay attention to innovative HVAC technologies. Learn about green ways to cool your home – modern, sustainable and eco-friendly HVACtechnologies will not only contribute to a cleaner environment but also enable homeowners to enjoy significant savings on their utility bills every year. Besides using other types of refrigerators, these technologies are focused on becoming more sustainable by using solar energy or other renewables.

The most important thing is, each effort counts. In the fight with global climate change, it is not necessary to give up on using air conditioners. A much better option is to use them wisely and responsibly. If you need help in it — our company will guide you through the process.Contact Nevada Residential Services any time you need professional, contemporary HVAC services. Whether it is AC Replacement, Heater Maintenance, AC maintenance and preparations for the summer or any kind of HVAC Repair services, by being available 24/7, we are able to solve any disturbing heating & cooling issues as fast as possible.