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5 big AC Installation mistakes to avoid at all costs

5 big AC Installation mistakes to avoid at all costs

You think that once you’ve had your air conditioner installed, it will work for lots of years? Well, it will if the installation was professional.

Both comfort in the room and the durability of your air conditioning unit depend on the initial stage – installation. Even the smallest flaws during installation can cause the whole Air conditioner to malfunction and reduce overall performance.

Here are 5 most common AC Installation mistakes to avoid at all costs.

5 common HVAC Installation mistakes

1. Wrong size of the AC unit

Air conditioners differ in size and, as a result, in capacity they operate at. In the HVAC field, a Ton or tonnage, refers to the cooling capacity of an air conditioner. Tonnage is measured in BTU's or “British Thermal Units.” Installing a Ductless mini-split system or Central Air-Conditioning system of the wrong size has inevitable consequences. A big AC unit in a small room will result in excessive air dryness and high energy costs. Likewise, a too small air conditioner will fail to properly cool the room operating at its maximum capacity and wear out fast.

The Capacity of the air conditioning system depends on the type of property (whether it’s an apartment, house, shop, fitness center, movie theater etc.), features of the room (ceiling height, the number of doors and windows, etc.), number of people constantly present inside and heat-generating equipment in the room. Therefore, when it comes to the capacity required for your room, best is to consult with professional HVAC technicians. Keep your home cool and comfortable by choosing the right size air conditioner.

2. Wrong placement of the air conditioner

The placement directly affects the energy efficiency of the air conditioner. It is better to place the outdoor unit in a shady place. However, it’s important to avoid the trees and bushes that can impede air circulation.

Besides, the right placement of the indoor unit contributes to the comfort in the room. When installing an air conditioner, DO NOT place it over your bed, over the closet, opposite the sofa or workplace. Keep in mind that the minimum distance between the AC unit and floor/furniture should be 10-15 centimeters. So, it’s better to think over the right place of your HVAC system in advance.

3. Wrong placement of the thermostat

Thermostat is designed to monitor and regulate the heating or cooling system. Usually thermostat turns the system on when the temperature is above the set norm, and turns it off when it gets too cold in the room. So, this device is used to keep the environment either heated or cooled at the desired temperature.

To ensure the proper functioning of the thermostat, it’s important to install it in the right place. Why? The wrong placement of the thermostat can negatively affect the work of your AC system. Avoid placing the thermostat near heat-generating objects or in direct sunlight, otherwise it will consume a lot of energy and, as a result, electricity bills will increase significantly. Besides, the thermostat shouldn’t be placed under the air flow from the air conditioner.

4. Installation without a leak check

One of the common mistakes is neglecting a refrigerant leak check after the AC installation. The truth is that the refrigerant level must be checked immediately after installation. A leak check not conducted in due time may result in serious issues.

Every 10% of lost refrigerant adds 20% to your electricity bill. Without the proper leak check the whole air conditioner may overheat and break down leading to extra expenses on repairs. Moreover, a Refrigerant leak can bring about the decrease in the efficiency of the HVAC system, even when it’s operating at maximum power; darkening of the compressor insulation; the appearance of a burning smell, etc. So, the AC installation must be accompanied by the proper leak check.

5. Poorly installed drainage system

The drainage system has its own important function – the removal of condensate from the indoor unit of the air conditioner. When the AC unit is operating in cooling/heating mode, moisture condenses on the internal or external heat exchanger. If this moisture isn't filtered away properly, it can cause lots of damage to your home or commercial building including deteriorated drywall, backed-up pipes, mold growth and unpleasant smells.

Professional AC Installation services in Las Vegas, NV

Now you know how improper installation can cause your split system to malfunction soon. If you’re looking for professional AC installation in Las Vegas, choose the right specialists at Nevada Residential Services. Our reliable HVAC technicians don’t miss any of the above points. We will make all the necessary measurements, take into account heat flows and define the suitable size and capacity of your air conditioner. Our technicians will choose the right place for both the HVAC system and thermostat, so that it doesn’t affect the overall efficiency. We service various heating & air conditioning brands including American Standard, Goodman, Carrier, Trane, Amana, York and many others.

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