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Repair or Replace Your AC Unit when it Stopped Working

Repair or Replace Your AC Unit when it Stopped Working

Las Vegas summer heat is no joke, in such an extreme environment all of the components of your air conditioning system must work perfectly in order to provide cool and comfort for your home for quite a long time. Even the best AC systems can occasionally breakdown and refuse to move air properly or stop working & cool the air at all. There can be many reasons why you may require air conditioning repair for your home AC unit.

When all of a sudden your AC unit stops working - It is every homeowner’s worst nightmare.

Considering that most people are advised to stay at home these days, people have to use air conditioning unit even more during hot summer days, and that means bigger electric bills. In this kind of circumstances the best thing to do is to make sure that your Air Conditioning unit is performing at its best and not consuming electricity more than it should.

One of the most prevalent reasons that your home unit may require air conditioning repair is that it was poorly installed or power connections to the unit has caused a transformer to trip or circuit to blow. So, when your AC unit have poor energy efficiency or even worse - AC stopped working completely. What is the best choice? What should you do? Should you pay to perform professional AC Repair? Or should you replace your air conditioning system all together? Unfortunately, there is no clear or simple answer to this common dilemma.

In short term repairing usually costs less, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that this is the best solution or the only solution, especially considering how things can go wrong in a long run. When it comes to deciding whether or not you should repair or replace your HVAC unit, you need to look at your individual system to determine the best approach, not only in the moment, but in the future as well.

  • Pay Attention to AC Performance
  • Listen to the HVAC experts
  • Consider The Age of the AC Unit
  • Keep an eye for coolant leaks, especially if it is R-22 refrigerant

Replacing an old AC unit, with a new energy efficient model may cost you more up front, but in a long run, the potential savings from your new unit can make up a huge difference for the running costs and for your energy bills as well.

Use The $5,000 Rule

Simply multiply the repair costs by the age of the unit.

  • Your repairs are around $500 and your unit is 5 years old, your total would be: $2,500.
    If so, then it would make sense to repair your AC system.
  • Your repairs at $800 and your unit is 10 years old, your total would be: $8,000.
    In this case, it would make sense to replace your AC system.

Keep in mind that every situation, and every system, is different the decision to repair or replace can be very complicated.
The team of HVAC professionals at Nevada Residential Services Air Conditioning & Heating can give you an honest and reasoned opinion on the matter to help you to understand the costs and benefits associated with repairing or replacing your AC unit.



Repairing or replacing the system is a tough choice - no homeowner ever wants to make this difficult decision. That's why finding a professional AC Company you can trust for all your HVAC needs is very important. Unfortunately there is no way to guarantee your HVAC system will work for all your life and that it won't ever need to be repaired, or replaced, especially in a place like Las Vegas.

Regular maintenance should be done on your HVAC system every year. Annual inspection of an older unit that has been giving you issues can spot contractor installation or previous repair mistakes as well as discrepancies with the thermostat readings.

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