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Living at a place like Las Vegas would be very difficult without a good HVAC system, and a system which is good must get a good maintenance. The times when it gets very hot outside, many systems start having issues which are normal at those extreme heat conditions. However, with the proper maintenance that is done right, it is very likely to make the AC last ten years, sometimes even more. The Nevada Residential Services team consists of highly trained individuals who are experts at providing a service that is absolutely great for you and your system, including; AC units, filtration for the air systems and many more. Also, we provide tune up services for the existing AC unit during the colder seasons like fall and/or spring, in order to prepare it for the upcoming hot summer. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time… to book your appointment.

The Air Conditioning Tune up and Maintenance

This paragraph will describe to you why this is important to maintain your AC unit and more facts. First point is on how our maintenance can benefit you; long life expectancy of the units, only with proper servicing, your bills for electricity will become much more comfortable, and overall improved comfort of the home you live in. Besides the self-maintenance that you can do, it is recommended to schedule a professional tune up service which could help avoid future issues, and make everything work longer. Here is a list of things that would help you do it yourself to maintain.

  • The air filters you have must be checked regularly. The filters got to be checked once per month, and then be either cleaned or replaced when necessary. If this is not done consistently then your filter is going to get clogged which will restrict the air flow as well as increase your bill for electricity in the long run.
  • The equipment you own must be cleaned. If you keep the equipment clean, it will prevent it from accumulating dirt which could potentially obstruct the ducts and result in a decreased efficiency.
  • Clean surroundings. It is very important to make sure that surroundings of your AC unit are maintained, even pets need to be kept away from your unit, as well as bushes, and plants so that nothing get inside of the unit and cause any sorts of issues or problems.

Las Vegas is a very hot place in the summer, which means most systems will be running day and night to give your home the comfortably cool feel. When you play a role in keeping your AC regularly maintained, you avoid encountering any future issues which may be caused by little things that are invisible to your eye, yet they can be very easily spotted by the eye of a professional, and therefore prevent a possible emergency situation in the future, which includes higher fixing costs or possibly needing to substitute the whole system.

Nevada Residential Services team recommends for you to perform a check for this maintenance at least once a year, and make it twice if you have a dual (heating-cooling in one). A tune up has to be scheduled before our hot months kick in, which will prevent, as mentioned above, any small issues which could grow into a much bigger problem.

To help you identify which kind of maintenance is you might need for your particular unit call us to book your appointment. A list of common air conditioning units:

  • The Split system – this one uses outdoor as well as indoor units, both.
  • The split ductless system – Same as above but does not have a duct system.
  • Packaged air conditioners – Those are units that go outside.