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Spring AC Tune-Up & Maintenance Special Offer

2023 Special - HVAC UV lights for free with Installation*

APCO: Whole-House Air Purifier

Odors, germs, allergens... These are just a few of the airborne contaminants threatening our homes. According to the APA, indoor air pollution is a growing problem. Today's buildings are well insulated and air tight, so airborne contaminants remain trapped inside. For this reason indoor air is often 5 times more polluted than outdoor air.

Indoor air pollution is divided into 3 types, air filters only capture 1 type, particulates. That leaves the other two untreated.

  • Biological contaminants include mold, bacteria and viruses.
  • Chemical contaminants called VOCs cause odors and are potentially toxic.

Other than masking odors with perfume, Air freshener sprays, candles and other household deodorizers actually add more of these chemicals to the air. Most electronic air cleaners do no better, and produce ozone, shown to be unhealthy. Smaller room sized air cleaners are only effective in their immediate area, which does not allow for a whole house solution.

For a complete air treatment and to provide a healthier indoor environment in our homes and offices the solution is APCO UV Light:

More than 8 years ago, Fresh Aire UV APCO represented a quantum leap in air purification. Combining advanced photocatalytic oxidation technology with activated carbon cells for comprehensive indoor air cleaning. The system is installed in a duct of the central air system and is effective against airborne odors, mold and germs. It works continuously to allow for the treatment of contaminants in the circulating air at all times.  Apco also uses a germicidal UVC light that sterilizes your hvac equipment.

It is safe, effective, and ozone free

Apco fights unpleasant odors from pets and dirty laundry smells, smoking cigarettes cigars or pipe smoke. Cooking smells like fish or garlic. Fumes from building materials that can be toxic. Fresh air uv light inside apco kills germs by destroying their DNA which prevents them from reproducing. It kills germs such as mold bacteria viruses and allergens.

APCO installs in furnaces and air handlers.

So how does it actually work? 

At the heart of the APCO is a matrix of titanium dioxide infused, activated carbon cells. Odor causing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or microbes are captured and held in place by the carbon matrix. Fresh air UV light shining on the titanium dioxide creates a photo catalytic effect. VOC molecules are transformed into harmless water vapor and CO2 (carbon dioxide) which are released back into the air allowing the carbon cells to regenerate. Because of this, the APCO cells are self-cleaning, and the system is virtually maintenance free. When installed in the central air system, by continuously purifying the air it results in a healthier, and happier indoor environment.

How can you receive the UV Lights product for free:

During the Covid-19 Quarantine - You receive a Free UV Light with Installation**

Nevada Residential Services is giving away a FREE APCO UV Light product to each customer who replaces their existing air conditioning and heating system during the Covid-19 Quarantine. That means if you replace two systems, you will receive two APCO UV Lights for Free.

To make this offer even more attractive, we include a 10 year labor warranty and we combined it with the PowerShift program by NV Energy which qualifies high efficiency** system replacements for up to $1200 in rebates***

** High efficiency system is considered 15 SEER or higher. The higher the SEER rating of your new system, the higher will be the rebate that you are eligible for.

*** Only participating manufacturers are qualified for the rebate program, American Standard is a participating manufacturer. Goodman is Not a participating manufacturer, therefore no Goodman product is eligible for the NV Energy rebate program.


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To honor those who serve in our military, Nevada Residential Services Air Conditioning & Heating offers a 5% discount on repairs or a 5% discount on system replacement for all active duty and retired members of the U.S. Armed Forces.
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