Furnace Repair Las Vegas

Furnace Repair Las Vegas

It may not be exactly the most pleasant experience when your furnace goes, and it often happens that calling us is not the most pleasant thing to do. However, by calling Nevada Residential Services when your furnace causing issues, is probably one of the smartest things to do. First reason is that we offer you great service, 24 hours a day and of course 7 days a week emergency service. Our trained technicians will get there in no time, they will diagnose and fix the problem. Some important notes on Las Vegas Furnace Repair. Make sure that your thermostat is on and set to “heat”, this issue is actually very common where the thermostat is not switched to the right position, and the furnace switch is not switched to On position. Upon checking all switches, give a couple minutes for the system to start.

Change your furnace filter

Having your filters very dirty is one of the most ordinary reasons for your furnace to lose its efficiency. To avoid this problem is not hard, all you need to do is make sure your filter is changed at least every three months. In the worst case scenario preferably every month or two for best performance. Check the circuit breaker by locating the breaker panel, followed by looking for the one which controls your furnace, and then, determine which position is it in. If in the middle position or the OFF position, switch it to ON. Do so by cycling the breaker to OFF and reset it to the ON position.

When your Las Vegas Furnace Repair is under question, Nevada Residential Services is knowledgeable in all areas of furnaces . Whether it be gas, electric, perhaps heat pump or even dual fuel etc. We at NRS got all the tools, all the people and all the knowledge needed to get this thing back to work. Also dont forget that proper furnace maintenance will prevent and protect you from most of the furnace issues.

Call us for more information about furnace repair & maintenance and to book an estimate anytime.