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Air Conditioner or Furnace tune-up is a type of preventive maintenance performed on a HVAC System to ensure it continues to perform well.
A tune-up for your heating or cooling system is just like a tune-up for your car; it’s main goal to keep your AC or Furnace running at its peak efficiency. A tune-up is typically regularly scheduled once or twice a year. During a regular tune-up, our technician examines the heating/cooling unit from top to bottom and takes care of several things, such as:

  • Calibrating the thermostat
  • Cleaning condenser & evaporator coils
  • Flushing the drain
  • Examining and tightening all electrical parts
  • Replacing damaged or faulty electrical parts if needed
  • Evaluating refrigerant levels and observing for leaks
  • Adding new Freon if needed
  • Changing and replacing the air filters
  • Replacing worn pulleys and belts
  • Checking the operation of the blower belt and motor

Air Conditioning & Heating Tune-ups are recommended because they can help prevent big problems in the future or catch problems while they’re still small and easy to fix.

When you have a tune-up performed, it will typically include the replacement of several important wear-and-tear parts.