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6 reasons your AC will overheat and stop working

6 reasons your AC will overheat and stop working

In summer, when hot weather attacks us in Las Vegas, it is important to create a cool indoor atmosphere. Our air conditioners help us achieve it by cooling and purifying the air.

It may happen, though, that when you turn on your air cooling system, it immediately shuts down or heats the air instead of cooling it. These unwanted problems mostly stem from AC overheating, which is essential to recognize and repair as soon as possible. What are the reasons why your air conditioning system may overheat and how to prevent this AC malfunction?


Why does my HVAC system overheat?

In case you notice that your air conditioner is currently overheating, it can become a serious problem later on. If the cause of the problem is unidentified and unknown, it cannot be eliminated. That is, being aware of what has led to AC overheating will help to fix this problem and forget about it. Here is a list of the most common reasons why an HVAC might overheat.

  1. Incorrect AC installation
    When the place for installation was badly chosen, the air conditioning system may be exposed to sunlight for a long time, which will lead to its overheating. Besides, installing it too close to the wall typically limits air circulation and causes condensation problems that also bring about overheating. To avoid it, HVAC technicians should take into account the possibility of sun radiation affecting the device as well as follow all the rules of AC installation.

  2. Insufficient amount of refrigerant
    If there’s insufficient amount of refrigerant in the air conditioner, it cannot maintain the required temperature. Consequently, the device takes too much time to reach the needed temperature, which causes overheating.

  3. Clogged air filters
    Because of too clogged air filters and other parts of the HVAC system, it starts working harder. Overall failure and overheating are likely to be the next steps leading to emergency AC repair.

  4. Bad heat exchange
    Good heat exchange is what ensures an efficient operation of an air cooling system. If there are some objects that disturb heat exchange, the outcome is obvious – overheating.

  5. Any mechanical damage
    If, for one reason or another, the air conditioner suffered any serious mechanical damage, which caused a breakdown or unfavorable operating conditions, which can also lead to unwanted AC overheating.

  6. Fan failure
    Fan failure negatively affects the compressor, which is one of the most important AC components. The thing is that the refrigerant won’t be cooled and condensation will disappear. At the same time, the compressor will work non-stop trying to change the situation and, as a result, is very likely to break down.

These are the most common failures that AC homeowners may be faced with and that can easily lead to overheating.

What are the consequences of AC overheating?
The weakest part of the air conditioner is the compressor. AC overheating maximizes the possibility of compressor malfunction. If an air conditioner works under inappropriate conditions for quite a long time, the compressor is often the first to break down and stop the whole HVAC system from working properly. Consequently, there will be the need to repair an air cooling system.


Follow these tips to prevent AC overheating in summer–2022

One of the leading questions so far has been whether it is possible to avoid AC overheating and costly air conditioner repairs. The answer is yes! Any of the aforesaid reasons can be eliminated or prevented if the air cooling system is treated with special attention.

So, in order to prevent AC overheating in summer–2022, homeowners are advised to take the following steps:

  • have the level of refrigerant regularly checked;
  • clean or replace the air filters in a timely manner;
  • clean fan blades when they’re dirty;
  • schedule regular maintenance and diagnostics for your air cooling system.

The best solution would be to contact a reliable Las Vegas HVAC contractor such as Nevada Residential Services, where you can get professional AC maintenance and repair services. They will help you minimize the risk of possible overheating and even improve the operation of your air conditioner. In addition, don’t forget about regular diagnostics to have the condition of the air cooling system under control. Sometimes one timely inspection can save the owner from costly and complex hvac repairs.

If you notice that your AC unit fails to work the way it should, contact Nevada Residential Services as soon as possible and receive the best air conditioning repair services in Las Vegas, NV. In fact, this is very easy. You just have to submit an online request or call us: 702.935.0777. Our technicians will arrive whenever it’s convenient for you. After the diagnostics, they will conduct the necessary minor or complex AC repairs and restore the operation of your central air conditioning.