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FAQs about a broken air conditioner to help you fix it

FAQs about a broken air conditioner to help you fix it

Why isn’t my split system working properly, and what should I do? This is probably the first question HVAC owners ask, when there’s something wrong with their air conditioners.

Unusual sounds, excessive or poor cooling, condensation on the indoor or outdoor unit, unpleasant odors are clear signs of a broken split system. The causes for a breakdown may vary from just accumulated dirt and dust in filters to severe malfunctions that require replacing of some parts or even the whole AC unit. Thus, in every case the time and the cost of repairs are different.

Here are common and frequently asked questions about air conditioning repair and maintenance. They would help you be more aware of what to do when you need to repair a broken air conditioner.

Why does my air conditioner cool poorly or doesn’t cool at all?

There are a number of reasons why a split system doesn’t cool the room well, or even doesn’t cool it at all. The first reason for it may be a dirty filter. To fix this problem, AC owners can simply clean and rinse the filter, and then put it back.

Another reason could be the fan malfunction. You can look at the fan of the outdoor unit to check if the blades are spinning. If they don’t, you need to call a specialist who will change the fan motor. You should also look at the fan in the indoor unit. If the fan does not spin, you can clean it. If that didn’t help, you need to call a technician to fix the problem.

Damaged temperature sensors and compressor breakdowns can also bring about issues with cooling. To identify these problems and deal with them, you need to call a specialist.

Why won’t my air conditioner turn on?

If the split system won’t turn on, the first step is to check if the air conditioner is connected to the power grid and check the power cable. If this is not the problem, then the control board in the indoor unit may have burned out.

It’s also worth checking the remote control and replacing the batteries, if necessary. Is the remote control itself in working condition, but the air conditioner still won’t turn on? In this case, it’s necessary to contact the reliable HVAC company.

Where is the noise coming from the air conditioner?

If there is noise when the air conditioner turns on, you should identify exactly where it comes from. In case the noise comes from the outdoor unit, the compressor may be worn out or the blades of the outdoor unit fan are out of balance.

If the noise comes out from the indoor unit, there might be something wrong with the indoor unit fan. In this case, the bearings should be changed, and the fan blades cleaned from dirt.

Why does my air cooling system work in spurts?

One of the most common reasons for this AC problem is dirty filters. They should be removed, washed, dried and placed inside again. The evaporator or the fan blades covered with dust and dirt can also lead to the split system working in spurts. In this case, it is necessary to clean them.

Why do I smell unpleasant odors from the indoor AC unit?

This air conditioner problem is typically accompanied by clogged and dirty filters, clogged drainage system or dirty internal surfaces and the fan impeller of the indoor unit.

What homeowners can do on their own in this case is wash the filter and rinse it with water, or replace it with the new one. By the way, it’s necessary to clean or replace filters every 2-3 months.

But best would be to call a specialist to carry out antibacterial treatment of the air conditioner. That will be a great solution to any unpleasant, strong or strange odors coming from the indoor AC unit.

Why does my AC unit cause high energy bills?

In fact, high energy bills can stem from a few reasons, such as the thermostat under direct sunlight, refrigerant leaks, clogged pipes, compressor overheating, etc. These air conditioner problems require special attention and professional AC repair and maintenance, since they can easily lead to more serious breakdowns and shorten the lifespan of the split system.

Is there a way to prevent sudden and unwanted AC problems?

Many modern split systems have a self-diagnostics feature that monitors the condition of both indoor and outdoor units. If there’s any problem, the system reports about it. Some of the malfunctions do not even require professional services, whereas others need a HVAC technician to fix them.

If your air cooling system doesn’t have this function, it’s important that you schedule regular AC maintenance & cleaning. It helps track and prevent dirt accumulation and possible breakdowns. What’s worth mentioning is that such air conditioning maintenance is much cheaper than a serious AC repair.

Do I need to replace or repair my AC unit?

There are a few highly important factors that will “decide the fate” of your air conditioner as to whether to replace or repair your AC unit. So, the first things to take into account are the cost of the repair and the age of the split system. For instance, if it’s older than 10-15 years and the repair is too expensive, it would be more reasonable to opt for an AC replacement. Besides, if your current AC unit is not good enough at cooling the home or lacks the features you’d like it to have, you could also consider AC replacement. Otherwise, it would be okay to repair a broken air conditioner.

What should I do if I notice any changes in the operation of my air conditioner?

Sure thing, it should be by no means neglected. You need to take action immediately. For example, you could check whether the filters are dirty or not and clean them on your own. If this is not the problem, seek qualified help as soon as possible in order to prevent the possibility of more serious malfunctions.


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