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24/7 Emergency AC Repair in Las Vegas & Henderson

24/7 Emergency AC Repair in Las Vegas & Henderson

Each of us appreciates the comfort and coziness in our homes. But is it possible to achieve it if the temperature in the room is too high or too low? Hardly. The atmosphere indoors should be just right for us to enjoy it.

Air conditioners are true helpers in maintaining a comfortable temperature during each season. However, split systems are known to be quite picky, and we often lose sight of the fact that they require regular residential AC maintenance. Otherwise, sooner or later, the air conditioner may fail, which will make it necessary to schedule repairs.

Don't ignore these HVAC malfunctions

As for their structure and mechanism, air conditioners have different components that complement each other and ensure the correct operation of the device. But for a number of reasons, AC units can fail.

Let’s take a look at several HVAC malfunctions indicating that your split system needs 24/7 emergency AC repair:

  • Air conditioner won’t turn on
    An HVAC system may stop turning on and responding to the remote control. Apart from the dead batteries in the remote control, the causes lying beneath this problem include failure of the remote control, violation of cable communication, faulty control board in the indoor unit, etc.

  • The compressor works but the fan doesn’t
    Here we’re faced with the fan malfunction. In the first place, it might happen due to fan blades being blocked by something. It can also stem from seized fan motor bearings, blown fan motor or open circuit in the wiring to the fan.

  • The compressor fails to operate while the fan works
    A compressor is rather susceptible to even minor violations of its mode of operation. We should always keep in mind that the most dangerous types of AC breakdowns are related to its compressor and can provoke a bunch of further severe malfunctions.

    Faulty thermostat, clogged condensation radiator (e.g. with birds’ down), burnt-out compressor motor can easily lead to the compressor going out of order.

  • Water dripping from the indoor unit
    During normal AC performance, condensate flows down the drainage pipe. But if water appears on the indoor unit, it means there are some malfunctions that need to be fixed immediately.

    The main cause of condensate leakage is a clogged drain pipe. It may also be the result of a dirty evaporator filter or the wrong angle of the indoor unit inclination.

  • Uneven cooling or heating
    Poor cooling or heating is a fairly common AC malfunction that occurs owing to a number of reasons. They include dirty filters, defective compressor, broken temperature sensor, blocked blades of the outdoor unit, poor electric communication between the outdoor and indoor unit.

  • Extraneous noise in the air conditioner
    If you hear some crackling, hissing, rattling noises while your HVAC system is cooling or heating the air, this may be due to dirty filters, broken tightness of the pipeline, faulty control transformer, etc.

In case of these malfunctions, it is unacceptable for AC owners to fix the problem on their own without sufficient experience and knowledge. The best thing you can do is find a good air conditioning repair company in Las Vegas, NV that will send you professional HVAC technicians to deal with the failures.

We repair different types of HVAC systems

Just a quick reminder: try to notice when your split system has begun to work differently than usual. In these cases, we recommend contacting a Las Vegas air conditioning & heating contractor, such as Nevada Residential Services, immediately.

When it comes to AC breakdowns, we should only defer to professional HVAC technicians. They are the ones to eliminate the malfunctions and the causes that are beneath them.

What if I have a heat pump installed? No problem at all! Thanks to the considerable experience, our certified HVAC technicians know the peculiarities of functioning of different air conditioning units.

We repair all types of HVAC systems including heating & cooling split systems, ductless mini-split systems, packaged AC units and, of course, heat pumps. We also serve a wide range of AC brands or models.

Schedule AC repair now — prepare your air conditioner for summer 2022

NRS provides quality HVAC services in Las Vegas Valley. Our team proudly boasts professional HVAC technicians who guarantee quick 24/7 emergency AC repair in all Las Vegas communities. Areas we serve in Las Vegas include but are not limited to Downtown, Henderson, Summerlin, North Las Vegas, The Strip, The Ridges, Southern Highlands, Spanish Trail and many others.

Please keep in mind that no AC malfunction should be viewed as negligible. If your air conditioner is cooling unevenly, water starts to drip from the indoor unit, or you hear some strange noise from the HVAC system, call us asap and schedule AC repair to prevent worse consequences.

Air conditioner breakdowns can be really varied and, accordingly, the approach to the repairs also differs. We guarantee fast and reliable air conditioning repair services in Las Vegas & Henderson.

By the way, summer is almost here. So, it’s time for your air conditioner to undergo residential air conditioning maintenance in order to ensure its stable and flawless operation in summer.

To prepare your air conditioner for the summer 2022 and receive preventative AC maintenance or 24 hour emergency AC repair

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