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AC maintenance tips to prevent an air conditioning emergency in summer–2022

AC maintenance tips to prevent an air conditioning emergency in summer–2022

In summer, an air conditioner is certainly one of the things that are in the highest demand. Alongside the cooling function, it filters and purifies the air coming from the outside. An air conditioning system turns a home into a small oasis, where we can take a deep breath of fresh, cool air.

No wonder that homeowners want their heating and cooling system to work without hindrance. What can we do in order to prevent an air conditioning emergency and make our homes a reliable shelter from the scorching heat?


5 wise air conditioning tips for the summer–2022

It is not uncommon that homeowners often have little idea of how to take care of their AC units for the purpose of avoiding air conditioning repairs as well as improving their energy efficiency.

The thing is that if you clearly understand what to do and how it could help you, the problem will simply fade away.

So, here are summer maintenance tips for your air conditioner, every Heating and Air Conditioning system owner should be aware of.

1. Keep filters clean and ready to protect the AC unit from dirt

Clean filters are a key of uninterrupted operation of the air conditioning system. After all, the air that gets into the indoor unit, goes through filters first, so that dust, dirt, small contaminants, allergens, pollen, bacteria get trapped there. Filter protect internal parts from contamination, disrupted heat exchange and other malfunctions and, as a result, prolong the lifespan of any HVAC system.

Therefore, to prevent an air conditioning emergency and exclude the spread of polluted air around the home, it is necessary to keep the filters clean. Bear in mind, though, that some filters can be washed or vacuumed while others require replacement only.

2. Don’t waste your cooling system’s work

By this, we mean opening windows while a cooling system works. An open window disrupts the process of cooling the air in the room, and also provokes various AC breakdowns.

Warm air enters the open windows, which makes the air conditioner work at increased power. This boosts the amount of energy consumed and makes the internal AC parts wear down quickly. Specifically, the Compressor either works for wear and tear without stopping, or turns on/off very often, which reduces its durability.

3. Smart thermostat – smart use of an air conditioner

It’s not rare for homeowners to let their air conditioner run non-stop, even if they’re out. Not only can this habit lead to overheating, but it can also result in high energy consumption and high utility bills.

As we all know, smart home technology is a rapidly growing trend, which offers an amazing solution to this problem. A smart thermostat is designed to control your cooling, ventilation and air conditioning system. Using your phone, you can program your smart thermostat to turn off or turn on at certain hours throughout the day. This strategy will save you a lot of money and make an AC unit more energy efficient on a daily basis, since it will need less energy to bring your home to the desired temperature.

4. Outdoor unit also needs cleaning

The outdoor unit of an air cooling system requires as much cleaning as the indoor one. Best is to clean it before summer starts bringing its hot days or at the very beginning of it. A dirty outdoor unit can negatively affect the air flow by reducing and polluting it and, as a result, be the reason for worse AC operation.

First, it’s important to make sure that there are no objects near the outdoor unit that could block air from entering the system. In case the unit is somehow damaged, there’s no room for hesitation – you should definitely contact a HVAC contractor. Especially if the outdoor unit is hard to reach, the cleaning process should be carried out only by skilled technicians.

5. Be a person who never forgets about regular HVAC maintenance

It is important to do this regularly. If such maintenance is neglected, the heat exchange efficiency will drop, leading to the problems with the airflow. Air conditioner maintenance can prevent serious contamination of the filters inside the split system and hugely reduces the probability of the compressor failure.

With the help of timely diagnostics, minor malfunctions can be identified and eliminated. Carrying out maintenance is an important part of the long-term operation of any central air conditioning system and one of the ways to avoid AC repairs.

Be a reasonable and sensible AC owner and get the most out of these tips in order to prevent an air conditioning emergency!


How often should I schedule AC maintenance?

In order for the air conditioner to cool the air without failing, it is advisable to schedule AC maintenance at least twice a year – in spring before the beginning of the cooling season and in autumn before the heating season starts.

Scheduling regular maintenance in a timely manner will provide the following benefits:

  • optimal operation of the air conditioner;
  • prevention of breakdowns and AC repairs;
  • prevention of the excessive contamination of filters;
  • extension of life span of a split system.

Any air conditioning unit needs timely maintenance, which will ensure its long and correct operation. However, the frequency of maintenance might differ depending on the age of an air conditioner and other features. Professional HVAC specialists are the ones to help you determine how often this service is required in your case.

Is it possible to boost energy efficiency of my air conditioner?

Sure! Sticking to the aforesaid air conditioning tips for the summer–2022 will have a positive impact on the energy consumption. To sum it up, a higher energy efficiency of a split system is a result of cleaning and replacing filters, avoiding an AC overloading, optimizing its hours of work, excluding a waste of device resources and scheduling regular maintenance.


Keep your cooling system run smoothly

A cooling system can provide a truly comfortable microclimate without stuffiness in the room. One of the biggest fears of Las Vegas homeowners is facing AC malfunction and costly repairs. So, our goal, as a Las Vegas HVAC contractor, is to help you prevent an air conditioning emergency in summer.

Proper maintenance directly influences the quality and duration of AC operation, but it needs a professional approach. They know about the subtleties of the process and have the required tools and equipment.

The team of Nevada Residential Services helps homeowners prepare their air conditioners for the hot season by cleaning filters and heat exchanger, checking the components and conducting other necessary services.

To keep your cooling system run smoothly, schedule an appointment online or contact Nevada Residential Services: 702.935.0777.