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Prepare your AC for the warmer summer months in Las Vegas

Prepare your AC for the warmer summer months in Las Vegas

It’s getting warmer and warmer – the summer is not far off. When preparing for the hot season, people usually make the list of things they plan to do. But not that often, one of the points is preparing their AC unit for the summer. As an HVAC contractor in Las Vegas, our job is to make sure that you won’t forget to take the necessary steps to prepare your air conditioner for summer.

Annual inspection of an HVAC system before the warmer summer months will help you avoid various malfunctions and unnecessary high repair costs.

Want to ensure that your air conditioner is highly efficient during the summer? Get it checked and diagnosed now, since spring is, by the way, the perfect time for this.

Tips to prep your air conditioning system for the summer

Air conditioners may vary in size depending on the model and the brand. But they consist of many components and so require a relatively complex approach. So, what should we pay attention to in the first place while trying to prepare them for hot seasons?

Here are the most important tips to prepare your air conditioning system for summer:

  • Have the outdoor unit checked
    Located outside on the wall or the roof, this part of air conditioners is always exposed to different weather conditions and, thus, can be easily damaged and cluttered. It’s worth making sure that the outdoor unit isn’t broken or corroded and that there are no debris or unnecessary objects inside which could stop it from functioning properly.
  • Have the indoor unit checked
    The split-system units, which are placed inside your home and are a full part of the interior, can differ significantly in size and design. They have several important components such as filters for air purification, a fan, an evaporator and an indicator panel. In order for them to work in a proper way and contribute to good indoor air quality, regular maintenance should be conducted.
  • Have air filters cleaned or replaced
    As air filters stop dust and other particles from the air from getting inside your home, their operation decreases over time due to clogging. Dirty filters can be a source of poor indoor air quality and lead to allergies, so keeping them clean at all times is a must. It is recommended to clean or replace the air filters every three months.
  • Have drain pipes cleaned
    To ensure trouble-free operation of the air conditioner, be sure to check that the drain pipes are not clogged. To prevent clogging of the pipes, it is recommended to flush them regularly.
  • Have the vents checked
    Make sure that the fan of the air conditioner is clean without nothing stuck in it. The cooled air must pass freely into the room.
  • Have the programmable thermostat installed
    Most modern electronic thermostats can be programmed for several modes to automatically switch between cooling and heating, and even regulate the temperature taking into account air humidity in the room.

    If your thermostat isn’t working, or you don't have one, take care of this before the summer. The thermostat will increase the level of comfort in your home, and reduce electricity consumption, which will save you money.

AC repair is expensive – schedule preventative AC maintenance

As it was mentioned earlier, preventative AC maintenance during the spring is the best way to prepare your air conditioner for summer. The point is that regular inspection and maintenance can help mitigate potential failures before costly air conditioning system repair is needed.

If you didn’t have the air conditioner checked for a long time, there might be some visible telltale signs that professional AC maintenance or AC repair is necessary as soon as possible. Among these signs are poor indoor air quality, strange sounds coming from the AC unit, or higher electricity bills. Noticed these changes in the functioning of your split-system? If so, it's time to schedule preventative AC maintenance and have your air conditioner cleaned.

AC maintenance carried out by experts will prevent serious problems in a cost-effective way. If the aforesaid signs are noticed and fixed in time, this will save you money on AC repair that is usually quite expensive.
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Can timely AC maintenance contribute to better HVAC efficiency?

There are many reasons why AC owners notice a decrease in the efficiency of their air conditioner. One of them is the accumulation of dirt around the coils. Wherever your HVAC system is installed, dirt and dust can clutter up the system and cause it to malfunction. Particles block cold air and your air conditioner can’t cool air in the proper way. Another cause could be a blockage in the engine. Blowers need regular cleaning, otherwise the air will not circulate. These issues, if overlooked or ignored, will definitely lead to poor efficiency of the air conditioner.

Timely AC maintenance is a great way to keep the air conditioner clean and, therefore, maintain maximum HVAC efficiency.

The main functions of modern split systems are ventilation, cooling, heating, dehumidification, and maintaining the set air temperature in the room. Without obstruction, these functions could be performed if every component of the AC unit is in the good condition. Keeping the best capacity of the air conditioner is possible by means of preventative AC maintenance.

Our HVAC maintenance team at Nevada Residential Services in Las Vegas includes full-scale diagnostics of the air conditioner: removing surrounding debris, cleaning evaporator and condenser coils, replacing air filters, cleaning clogged drains, combing coil fins, tightening electrical connections, etc. Besides, during professional heating & cooling system maintenance, our HVAC technicians can check if everything’s alright with the thermostat settings, refrigerant level, capacitors, compressor, electrical connections.

Schedule preventative AC maintenance or necessary air conditioning system repair this spring – provide a comfortable summer for yourself and your family: 702.935.0777.