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Ductless Heat Pump - A Heating System That Can Heat the Whole House

Ductless Heat Pump - A Heating System That Can Heat the Whole House

Ductless heat pumps, also called a mini-split heat pumps, are an alternative to radiator or baseboard heating, it is an efficient and convenient way for homeowners who don’t have ductwork to heat and cool their home. Unlike central air conditioning systems, no duct work is needed. Instead, a single-zone mini split heat pump for example include one indoor unit(air handler) that is mounted on an interior wall or ceiling, and one accompanying outdoor unit(condenser) that is installed outside.

When it’s cold out, a heat pump can extract heat from the ground or air outside and transfer it into your home.
When it’s warm out, a heat pump can reverse its mechanisms with a reversing (or switchover) valve that redirects the flow of refrigerant.

During winter, for example, your heat pump draws warm air from outside your home to increase temperatures inside, even when it’s cold. Refrigerant carries the heat directly to the indoor unit(s) inside of your house or office, which then delivers heated air to occupied space. During the summer, the heat pump reverses the process, shipping out warm air from your home for quiet, efficient air conditioning.

Heat pumps use far less energy than a furnace and operate like an air conditioner by pulling in heat from one place and putting it into another. These versatile systems are also popular because they heat your home in the winter and cool it off during the summer.

Benefits Of A Ductless Heat Pump

Mini-split heat pumps have many benefits of using ductless cooling and heating systems over ducted systems, providing economical comfort that can be targeted to specific spaces in your home. But the benefits of a mini-split heat pump aren’t limited to energy savings. Ductless heat pump systems also provide the following benefits:

  • Very easy to install
    Ductless systems can be installed quickly just about anywhere in your house, including in new home additions, garage and even in rooms with no windows.
  • Less operating expenses for ductless cooling & heating system
    Because a heat pump only uses electricity for power rather than for the generation of heat, it offers a remarkably high efficiency rate.
  • Flexible to configure
    Zoning - Several indoor wall units can be operated from a single outdoor unit, giving you the ability to size match your system to the heating or cooling load of each room and provide a cost-efficient whole-house solution.
  • Ductless ACs Have Greater Efficiency
    Ductless HVAC systems, on average, have a higher SEER rating than their ducted counterparts, with some systems having a SEER as high as 30.
  • Can be used with solar electricity for even more savings
    When you pair solar panels for electricity with heat pumps for heat, you are heating your home for an average of about 9 cents per kWh vs. 14.5 cents per kWh without solar, effectively reducing your cost to run your heat pump by almost 40% annually.
  • Greatly improved indoor air qualty
    A ductless mini-split system can improve the air in your home or office. Since ductless mini-split system don't use any ducts, as a result dust, harmful microorganisms and other allergens can’t grow and thrive in those ducts, it is a big advantage for your health. With high-quality air filters in place, these systems can ensure much less dust, pollen, and other particulates.
  • Ductless heat pumps are remarkably quiet during operation
    Many of our customers tell us they are surprised how quiet their new system is – sometimes even checking to make sure the unit is turned on! Mitsubishi Electric mini split heat pumps are ultra quiet—the indoor unit operates as low as 19 db.
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint
    Higher efficiency translates directly into a lower carbon footprint than ducted systems. Hence you not only get reduced energy bills but also reduced carbon emissions.
  • Minimal HVAC Maintenance
    Ductless air conditioners require minimal maintenance as compared to ducted air conditioners. Schedule regular tune-ups before the start of the summer season to extend the life of your ductless AC.

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