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What are 2022 most popular air conditioning brands in Las Vegas?

What are 2022 most popular air conditioning brands in Las Vegas?

Homeowners planning to buy an air conditioner perfectly know that it's no easy task due to the endless variety of split systems. When choosing the right one for your home, it’s important to pay attention to its capacity, features, design and brand.

In fact, there are many trustworthy HVAC manufacturers that produce highly efficient and durable air conditioners, heat pumps, heating & cooling systems. So, how to choose the AC brand?

In order to facilitate your decision-making process, today we’ll focus on the 2022 leading air conditioning brands in Las Vegas, NV.  

Top 6 air conditioning brands most popular among Las Vegas homeowners

1. American standard

One of the most popular central air conditioner brands in Nevada is American Standard, with SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) of up to 22. The trending HVAC solutions the company devises and offers aim at managing the comfort level and humidity while lowering energy waste.

Besides, most American Standard products come with a 10-12-year warranty on their parts, including a compressor and coils.

As a quick reminder, Nevada Residential Services has an American Standard award verifying that we are a qualified and approved dealer of American Standard HVAC systems.

2. Trane

As one of the leaders in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning market, the Irish company Trane is known for the great performance and durability of its air conditioners.

Over 137 years of its existence, this AC brand has gained a reputation for producing some of the most reliable and efficient HVAC systems. The company is consistently earning the highest ratings within the industry. It should be mentioned that Trane air conditioners have higher SEER than most other AC manufacturers.

3. York

The advantages of York residential air conditioning systems include top-quality, reliability, a wide range of features, high efficiency, compact and stylish design. The combination of these properties along with the reasonable pricing boost the demand for this AC brand.

York LX series are considered one of the most affordable Energy Star rated HVAC systems on the market, while Affinity line represented the most energy efficient AC units in 2021 – with a SEER 20.

The company's reputation is also supported by a commercial component, because York air conditioners are installed in famous buildings such as the US Capitol, the Empire State Building, Sydney Opera House and others.

4. Carrier

Carrier is known to have released the first air conditioner ever and is still one of the largest and most famous manufacturers of air cooling systems, gas air heaters and heat pumps.

Being one of the best air conditioner brands, Carrier keeps offering trending HVAC solutions in 2022 with a SEER of up to 21. While Carrier's premium product lines are among the most expensive ones, the company also produces more affordable Comfort series.

5. Goodman

Although Goodman is one of the youngest existing AC brands, the company does not concede to other brands in the variety of residential and commercial HVAC models.

It’s known for innovative features, designed to increase the durability of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. For instance, this approach can be seen in the design of air heaters, which have a durable steel heat exchanger and a multi-speed fan, which increases the overall efficiency while keeping its noise level low.

6. Rheem

Rheem is one of the largest manufacturers of heating & cooling systems, water heaters, and boilers. Moreover, Rheem heat pumps are among the best on the market.

Distinguished by high energy efficiency levels, this AC brand produces some of the best compressors for air conditioners, which helps to hugely reduce energy consumption. What’s also worth mentioning is that Rheem HVAC units are more affordable and are a good alternative for homeowners on a tight budget.

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We service not only the aforesaid AC brands, but also other famous ones: American Standard, Trane, York, Goodman, Carrier, Amana, Rheem, Lennox, Bryant, Ruud, Mitsubishi, Daikin, Cooper & Hunter, LG, Bosch and others.

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