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DIY vs Professional HVAC Repair in Las Vegas

DIY vs Professional HVAC Repair in Las Vegas

Nowadays, AC brands produce modernized HVAC systems that differ in size, a set of features, energy efficiency, model, color and other characteristics. But what do all of them have in common? They all need regular preventative AC maintenance and tune-up.

Otherwise, an air conditioner can fail and show the “symptoms” such as uneven cooling and heating, water leakage, condensation on the outdoor unit, too loud and strange noises, unpleasant odor, clogged outdoor unit, etc.

If you’ve noticed any malfunctions, your AC unit needs a repair. You might have the thought flashing through your mind: “Can I try to do it myself, or should I still call a professional HVAC technician?”

Real benefits of professional HVAC repair

Residential AC maintenance & repair should be performed only by professionals who have special knowledge, qualifications, experience and expertise. Calling an HVAC contractor, such as Nevada Residential Services, AC owners can count on high standards in air conditioning repair services.

There are several promising factors that make professional repairs gain a victory over a hasty decision to go for DIY. The major benefits of professional heating & cooling systems repair are as follows:

  1. Reliability
    Trained HVAC technicians are licensed and insured to do their job up to the mark and obviously have deep technical knowledge an average person lacks. HVAC experts will determine the cause of any malfunction, and then eliminate it properly. It isn’t advisable to repair AC units without special knowledge and enough experience.
  2. Professional and sophisticated tools
    Any HVAC system is a complex combination of different components. In order to successfully carry out repairs and restore the full functionality of an air conditioner, HVAC technicians always use top-quality modern sophisticated tools and spare parts. Most AC owners are unlikely to have them at home and, thus, cannot manage necessary repairs.
  3. Safety
    HVAC repairs mostly come with a certain level of risk and danger, especially for laymen. Dealing with split systems should not be followed by the hit-and-miss method. Here it’s important to know exactly what to do and how to do it.

    Otherwise, there’s a likelihood of making some considerable mistakes and endanger your own safety.
  4. Speed
    HVAC specialists can carry out professional repair in the shortest possible time, regardless of the existing breakdown and its specifics. That’s because they’re trained enough to quickly fix the problems.

    In case the AC failure is very serious that the air conditioner requires emergency AC repair, you should definitely hire an HVAC professional without any hesitation. For DIY lovers, it’d take more time to get the hang of what the breakdown is and what to do.
  5. Cost-efficiency
    At first sight, it seems that DIY AC repair will save your money. Of course, it will if you have sufficient and profound knowledge about HVAC systems and their repairs. But the mostly opposite is the case. In fact, it’s not rare for enthusiastic HVAC owners to cause even more costly problems. So, one way or another, it’s always better to contact a trustworthy HVAC Company in Las Vegas, NV.

Avoid DIY AC repair in these cases

As it was mentioned earlier, AC diagnostics and repair without special knowledge and experience is not recommended. They should be conducted by specialists only to ensure high-quality result and long-term operation of split systems.

It’s important to avoid DIY AC repair in the following cases of HVAC breakdowns and malfunctions:

  • no temperature changes in the room during the AC operation;
  • reduced air cooling;
  • water leakage from the indoor unit;
  • unexpected shutdowns of the air conditioner;
  • no response to the remote control;
  • extraneous noise during the operation of the unit;
  • frozen evaporators and condenser;
  • dirty evaporator coils;
  • compressor failure;
  • fan malfunction.

These are only some cases requiring a professional HVAC repair. It’s worth consulting an experienced technician on a case-by-case basis.

Are there any repairs I can do myself safely?
As a rule, what is safe to do on your own is limited to regular outdoor unit cleaning or filters replacement. This is more of a maintenance than repairs, but if conducted in a timely manner, can reduce the need for repairs. We strongly recommend leaving more serious AC maintenance & repair to HVAC professionals.

HVAC Company for AC Maintenance & Repair in Las Vegas

Professional HVAC repair is carried out in several stages. The team of Nevada Residential Services provides a full range of HVAC Services in Las Vegas including warranty service, cleaning, residential AC maintenance & repairs.

Thanks to our modern diagnostic methods, we can easily and fast detect AC problems. Our skilled HVAC technicians use professional equipment and tools and perform air conditioning repairs of any complexity at an affordable price.

In order to avoid repairs and ensure efficient AC performance, it is recommended to provide a preventative maintenance and regular scheduled inspections at least twice a year. This would help check it and determine whether there’s an urgent need for any repair, replacement of components, cleaning, etc.

Being left without an air conditioner in the scorching summer heat sounds like a real nightmare. Don’t let that happen – schedule a professional HVAC repair at Nevada Residential Services. Our 24/7 emergency AC repair Service is always available for all communities in Las Vegas, simply call us: 702.935.0777.