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Need HVAC Repair Services in Las Vegas? – Schedule Your Repairs Today!

Need HVAC Repair Services in Las Vegas? – Schedule Your Repairs Today!

Did you know that 80% of AC breakdowns can be prevented by timely identification and elimination of their causes? Sounds like a lot!

But how not to miss the initial stage of an issue and stop it from getting worse? You can always rely on the most trusted Air Conditioning HVAC Company in Las Vegas – Nevada Residential Services.

Timely HVAC repairs will save your air conditioner and money

An air conditioner is designed for long-term operation, but, of course, it hugely depends on correct operation and timely AC maintenance and repair. You shouldn’t neglect regular AC cleaning, changing filters, testing for leaks, carrying out the necessary repairs if any, etc. If this is not done, the device will wear out fast and its lifespan will be significantly reduced. Moreover, repairing a neglected issue is much more expensive than calling for HVAC experts, such as the team of Nevada Residential Services, at the very beginning.

Working with us has lots of advantages. Thanks to our great experience in providing Las Vegas HVAC Services, we have gained a reputation of the most trusted Air Conditioning  Company. Our team uses only professional and efficient equipment which allows them to identify the causes of AC failure and eliminate them quickly.

Call us and order an air conditioner repair now to ensure a longer lifespan of your air conditioner and save your money! Some issues, though, are not noticeable and can be only detected during AC inspection.

Get an AC inspection to determine the issue and the cost

Remember that you can always ask professional HVAC technicians to inspect your air conditioner. We offer 24/7 AC Repair in Las Vegas, because we understand that there’s no good postponing urgent issues.

Our AC inspection and repair services include:

  • Diagnostics of the operating of the air conditioner
  • Testing the operation of the air conditioner in all modes
  • Checking the fixtures of the outdoor and indoor units
  • Checking the fans
  • Checking the tightness of the refrigerant pipeline
  • Checking thermal insulation
  • Cleaning the indoor unit with a steam generator
  • Cleaning the filter
  • Antibacterial cleaning of the indoor unit
  • Drainage system cleaning
  • Repairing remote control
  • Replacing the condenser
  • Replacing the indoor unit temperature sensor
  • Replacing the outdoor fan and indoor fan
  • Replacing the radiator
  • Filling the air conditioner with refrigerant
  • Repairing evaporator
  • Repairing compressor

As you can see, our Air Conditioning Repair Services in Las Vegas, NV are varied, so the team of Nevada Residential Services will cope with any AC breakdown. What is more, our technicians can carry out high-quality AC repair, regardless of the brand or model of split systems. Among the AC brands we service are American Standard, Goodman, Carrier, Trane, Amana, York, Rheem, Lennox, Bryant, Ruud, Mitsubishi, Daikin and many others.


Should I repair or replace my air conditioner?

This question is a matter of great concern to many AC owners. We’ll try to help you make the right decision according to your situation.

First of all, pay attention to the age of your air conditioner. If your split system is old enough, there is no point in wasting money on expensive repairs in case of a serious breakdown. Instead, consider spending your budget on modern air conditioners. Their up-to-date features make them more economical and functional.

In general, AC replacement is recommended in the following cases:

  • the components of the air conditioner are worn out, as a result of long-term use;
  • the cost of repairs is only a little less or even higher than the purchase of a new split system;
  • the old air conditioner isn’t powerful enough to cool the whole room (due to incorrect calculation or room expansion);
  • one or both units of the split system have serious damage;
  • significant increase in maintenance and repair costs and power consumption.

If your air conditioner is relatively new and expensive, you might want to repair your air conditioner, even if the breakdown is serious.

Do not put off your AC repairs!
Order HVAC Repair Services Now – Schedule Your Repairs Today with Nevada Residential Services: