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Different types of HVAC systems & units

Different types of HVAC systems & units

When people finally decide on buying an air conditioner, they feel lost and confused at the stage of selecting the HVAC system. Among the abundance of heating and cooling systems, AC brands and models, it’s so easy to make a mistake and choose the wrong type of HVAC unit. This, for its part, can lead to insufficient cooling & heating and higher energy bills.

We’d like to facilitate the choosing process and make things clearer for you. There are 4 main types of HVAC systems, different Heating and Air Conditioning systems differ in their shape, installation method, maximum possible capacity, functioning and purpose. Here are the main types of HVAC units that have their specific features:

1. Heating and cooling split systems

This type of HVAC systems consists of two blocks – indoor unit that is located inside and outdoor unit that is installed outside. Thanks to this feature, a compressor, which is the noisiest component of an air conditioner, won’t bother you, because it is a part of an outdoor unit.

A big advantage of Split System is a wide range of types of indoor units You can have the indoor unit of the split system installed in almost any convenient place (e.g. on the ceiling, floor or wall) in an apartment or a house.

The main asset of this type of split systems would be that they are used not only for cooling, but also for heating the air.

Besides, all modern heating and cooling split systems allow you to set the temperature with maximum accuracy, set a timer to automatically turn the air conditioner on and off at a certain time, adjust the direction of the air flow, and more.

2. Packaged heating and air conditioning systems

Packaged AC units are a compact and budget option for residential buildings. In this type of air conditioners, all elements, which are responsible for cooling the air, are placed in a single unit, which makes it possible to simplify the design of the Air Conditioner and reduce its cost. The level of noise during operation of packaged AC unit, though, is higher than that of a split system.

In terms of their functionality, packaged heating and air conditioning systems aren’t very different from split systems. They can be even supplemented with a mode of humidification or air purification from dust.

3. Heat Pumps or hybrid split systems

Hybrid split system are also called heat pumps. Some of the heat pump models make it possible for you to choose between electricity or gas, as a source of energy for heating and, thus, are versatile.

Heat Pump are a good alternative to traditional heating systems. They are an environmentally friendly and cost-effective option for your home.

4. Ductless mini-split systems

Ductless mini-split system don’t require much space even in the smallest rooms. All their components are very compact. This kind of HVAC systems is easy to install and maintain. It can be bought for rooms of different sizes and customized to suit any need.

Ductless mini-split systems are a great option for those residential buildings where it’s impossible to install an ordinary split system.

How do I choose the right air conditioning unit for my home?

Of course, best is to choose an AC unit on a case-to-case basis on the advice of HVAC experts. But we would like to give you a few useful tips as to what to take into account.

Determine the right HVAC capacity. The larger the area of ​​the home, the higher the capacity should be. If there are a lot of other appliances in the room, it is better to consider air conditioners with a slightly higher capacity.

When choosing an AC system, pay attention to its level of energy efficiency, so as not to overpay the bills later. Know that modern air conditioners can have various features, so before buying, decide on those you need most.

Turn to a trusted local HVAC contractor in Las Vegas to get professional assistance in choosing the right type of Heating and AC units that would be the most energy efficient option for your home.

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