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Best HVAC Repair services near me @Las Vegas

Best HVAC Repair services near me @Las Vegas

Looking for a reliable local HVAC contractor near you in Las Vegas area? – We serve Las Vegas community for more than 5 years. Our team consists of some of the best cooling & heating systems repair, installation, replacement and maintenance professionals. NRS team, our managers, technicians, installers - all of them are trained specialists with a lot of experience in the field, each and every one of them is local Air conditioning and Heating expert: licensed, bonded and insured. Ready to work 24/7. Nevada Residential Service is a Las Vegas air conditioning company that represents all the best for any HVAC products or HVAC Services, due to the many years of experience and hard work.
When it is summer in Las Vegas, NV your home air conditioning unit becomes vital for your family comfort and wellbeing. Because of extreme heat that is lasting for months your AC system often has to work at its limits for quite a long time. Different malfunctions and breakdowns of AC units are quite typical in such conditions. Proper and timely AC unit Repair, Replacement or Maintenance is something that is worth keeping an eye on, as well as having reliable professionals in the field to do this work. Installing new A/C system instead of old one can reduce energy costs dramatically.

HVAC Repair, replacement and installation services

Nevada Residential Services work with all the best makes and models of AC units. We provide repair and installation services for every type of A/C systems & units:

Call us now and schedule a free at-home consultation. Our experts will make a free estimate, they will provide proper and honest calculations, they will explain you all the options that you may have, so you can choose the HVAC unit that’s right for your house and budget.

Satisfaction guarantee! - We’re dedicated to your satisfaction. NRS team will help your home Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning system run nice and smoothly. All work is backed by our warranty. All of our HVAC products are covered under trusted warranties and Financing available as well.