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Full-service Plumbing Repair & Services in Las Vegas

Full-service Plumbing Repair & Services in Las Vegas

Nevada Residential Services is not only an air conditioning contractor, we also have 7+ years of experience as a Las Vegas Plumbing contractor. Our plumbing experts can help with any kind of plumbing services in the whole Las Vegas area including North Las Vegas and Henderson. Make sure your new plumbing and heating projects or plumbing in your existing home or office runs smoothly when you choose NRS Plumbing & Heating Services.

Plumbing Maintenance

  • Burst Water Pipe
  • Leaky Pipes
  • Broken or malfunctioning Water Heater
  • Sink clogs and Clogged Sewer Line
  • Gas Leaks
  • Overflowing Toilet

Plumbing emergencies can result in serious property damage or even may endanger people's life. It's better to avoid them at all costs. As soon as you notice that your pipes have been getting clogged easily or has your tub been draining slowly – It might be the right time to have maintenance done for your plumbing.

Routine plumbing maintenance can solve most of the potential issues with your plumbing system before they become major emergencies or problems.

Our professional plumbers have both the proper tools and the experience needed to inspect, identify and solve any problems with your plumbing system.

Have an Emergency Plumbing Issue in Las Vegas?

Ruptured pipes, Bursting toilet, Sump pit malfunctioning, Bathtubs blockage, shower blokage or breakdown that requires replacement, hot water heater breakdown, various problems with the HVAC system, Leaking pipes & hoses, sewage system backups, sweating walls and so on.

Don’t panic. As the top residential and commercial plumber in Las Vegas, NV, we have seen every plumbing situation possible and trust us – no matter how overwhelming the situation may seem, it is important to panic and think clearly. One of the most important things to do when you have a plumbing issue is to stay calm. Remember, time is crucial when it comes to plumbing emergencies, so don’t waste it, call a reliable plumber repair service immediately.

Nevada Residential Services Plumbing & Heating, provide 24-hour emergency plumbing repair in the whole Las Vegas area. Call us at (702) 935-0777 or schedule an appointment online and we will solve your plumbing issues in the best possible way.