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What are the most effective indoor air quality solutions for Las Vegas?

What are the most effective indoor air quality solutions for Las Vegas?

The state of our health and mood, to a great extent, depends on what we breathe. Why, do you think, are Las Vegas residents experiencing reduced productivity and increased fatigue? This partially stems from the high level of air pollution that easily comes into our homes through open windows and can deviate humidity and air quality in general.

We spend a lot of time indoors, but do we tend to pay much regard to this issue? The effects of poor microclimate are far-reaching, so it’s worth analyzing the microclimate in our homes and taking all necessary steps to improve indoor air quality.

The first step is to assess the indoor air quality, which is not difficult if you know the tell-tale signs.

Signs of poor air quality

Having a negative impact on the microclimate, poor indoor air quality in its different forms often leads to stifling stale air in the room, which it makes it hard to breathe. Homeowners also tend to experience dry skin and mucous membranes. If you have plants at home, you might notice the dry tips of the leaves.

It should be also mentioned the effect of poor air quality on our productivity level. Nowadays, an increasing number of people work from home, but they can hardly focus on their tasks and deadlines, as dry air causes apathy, fatigue and drowsiness. Do you often feel these symptoms while at home? The air quality probably needs improving.

Another form of low indoor air quality is high humidity. It brings out formation of moisture condensate on windows or even mold on the walls and destruction of finishing materials.

Polluted air with many particles coming in through the windows is the main cause of asthma and allergic reactions. Moreover, these problems tend to exacerbate over time in case no actions are taken to eliminate them. If you have air quality monitoring system, this would it make easier to control the microclimate.

How to optimize your home's air quality in Las Vegas?

If we want to prevent unpleasant consequences of low or high humidity, uncomfortable temperature, polluted and dry air, we have to maintain a healthy microclimate at home. What are the air quality solutions that could optimize your home's air quality?

1. Install an air conditioning system

It sounds too simple, but installation of a modern split-system air conditioner can not only maintain the optimal indoor temperature, but also provide such options as destruction of bacteria, air purification from harmful particles like dust, pet hair, etc., air ionization, maintaining the right humidity and others.

Up-to-date air cooling systems are also featured with ventilation, system self-diagnostics and climate control that make it a lot easier to monitor indoor air quality.

2. Use an air humidifier

Maintaining the optimal humidity level is what air humidifiers aimed at. This device helps to forget about such problems as dry skin, dry mucous membranes; allergic rhinitis, dry houseplants and flowers, cracking wooden floor and furniture and others.

3. Improve home air filtration

Constantly circulating air streams can be purified with the help of multi-component filters. For instance, high-level HEPA filtration successfully fights various particles and allergens. Besides, due to the additional internal system, it maintains the right moisture level.

The best positive effect is achieved when an AC unit and home Air Filtration System are used together. High-efficiency air filters in Air Conditioning and ventilation systems reduce the concentration of bacteria and viruses in the air you breathe.

4. Don’t forget about regular AC Maintenance

An important step towards better indoor air quality, though overlooked by many, is changing the air filters at the beginning of each heating or cooling season. This can be done as a part of professional AC maintenance. Filter replacement plays a great role because a dirty filter lets less and less airflow in and contributes to worse air quality. Moreover, it can make your air conditioner work harder and cause overheating.

These tips will help you keep your home’s air clean, fresh and healthy! If you implement at least one of them as soon as possible, the welcome positive change won’t be far behind.

We'll help you choose the best IAQ solution for your home

The current environmental situation makes it essential to improve indoor air quality. Thankfully, modern Heating Ventialtion and Air Conditioning systems, home air filtration systems, air humidifiers and others are meant to provide and maintain the best microclimate in residential and commercial buildings in Las Vegas.

There is no single air quality solution, since it requires a multi-level versatile approach that takes into account proper ventilation, fresh air intake, temperature, air humidity and filtration.

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