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5 cool & interesting facts about HVAC systems

5 cool & interesting facts about HVAC systems

According to the Energy Information Association, 87% of all homes in the United States of America have HVAC systems installed. While you enjoy the comfort they create and maintain in a house, we think it would be quite interesting for you to learn a little more about air conditioning that comes to the rescue when we need it.

No, we won't burden your mind with components and parts air conditioners consist of. Let's leave that to professional technicians. Instead, we've prepared cool facts about HVAC systems that would broaden your horizon and would be just nice to know.

Fact #1

Did you know that first air conditioners weren’t used for residential homes? In fact, the first air conditioner, invented by Willis Carrier, was intended to cool the air in the Brooklyn publishing house. At the beginning of the 20th century, high humidity negatively affected paper and ink, making the text and illustrations blurry. The problem was solved by air conditioning that vastly improved the print quality.

Fact #2

Among the first users of air conditioners were also textile factories in the Southern States. Similarly, dry air in textile factories greatly interfered with cotton weaving. The Carrier HVAC system controlled and stabilized the moisture level so that the threads were aired.

So, air conditioners were used in the aforesaid industries, shops, transport in the first place. Only then they were installed in offices and appeared in millions of homes.

Fact #3

Before the invention of air conditioners, it was absolutely impossible for both teachers and schoolchildren to conduct lessons in classrooms. That made it a necessity to introduce summer holidays.

Although today, thanks to HVAC systems, there are no difficulties in conducting lessons during the summer period, summer break in the educational process remains a schoolchildren’s favorite tradition.

Fact #4

When HVAC systems came into our lives, they didn’t only improve the comfort level and indoor air quality, but they also changed the architectural aspect. Earlier you could see similar-looking buildings with thick walls, high ceilings and their windows didn’t mostly overlook the sunny side. That made it possible to preserve the manageable temperature inside the buildings.

The invention of air conditioners brought more creativity into architecture and now the architects can implement even bold and challenging ideas such as magnificent skyscrapers with full-length windows.

Fact #5

It’s nice to know and comprehend that modern heating and air conditioning has had a positive impact on our health. Thanks to air conditioners, sleep quality has become better, and life expectancy has become longer. Besides, they prevent asthma and reduce the chances of having diseases common in a hot climate.

What is more, one of the modern features of split systems is ionizer, which enhances air-filtering and saturates air with anions which is considered to have a beneficial effect on the human body.

As for commercial buildings, HVAC systems are an awesome way for bosses to increase and maintain employees’ level of productivity.

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