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7 Bad Habits Every Henderson HVAC Owner Should Avoid

7 Bad Habits Every Henderson HVAC Owner Should Avoid

In today’s world an air conditioner is an absolutely necessary device which makes your living conditions much more comfortable. Many HVAC owners in Henderson are unaware, though, that it’s very important to care about their air conditioners and keep them in a good working condition. The thing is that improper use of an air conditioner leads to frequent breakdowns and shortens its lifespan.

When was the last time you changed the filters of your Central Air-Conditioning system? Do you adjust the settings too often? If the answer is “yes”, keep reading to learn about more mistakes that affect the efficiency of your air conditioner.

Here are 7 bad habits that most AC owners have

Avoid these bad habits if you have an air conditioner and if you want it to work efficiently for a long time without breaking and making you lose money because of costly AC Repairs.

1. Forgetting to change the filter

Before entering the room, the air goes through the filter inside the HVAC system. What filters do is they purify air from dust, neutralize various allergens (pollen, wool, etc.), remove unpleasant odors, destroy harmful microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, fungi and mold. The filters simply accumulate harmful particles.

Why would anyone change the filters then? The point is if you don’t change the filter, it becomes clogged and stops the air flow from getting through. As a result, your air conditioner will use more energy to warm or cool the room, increasing your energy bills. Another consequence is that a clogged filter is a perfect environment for various bacteria to develop. You don’t want to put your health at risk, right? That’s why changing the filters of your air conditioner is so important.

2. Skipping HVAC system maintenance

When was the last time you had your air HVAC system checked? If you can’t answer this question, you probably tend to skip your colling and heating systems maintenance.

It’s important to schedule preventive AC maintenance at least twice a year, before warm weather and cold weather, i.e. before spring and fall. Over time there may appear some slight or serious problems with your air conditioner that you haven’t noticed. Skipping regular maintenance may lead to malfunction of your HVAC system or some parts of it. You don’t want it to break down suddenly? By scheduling a professional Air Conditioner or Furnace check you’ll be sure about the proper efficiency of your air conditioning unit.

3. Ignoring small issues

Did you notice there’s something wrong with your air conditioner? Of course, the problem may not affect the overall operation of your AC unit at the very beginning. But while you’re ignoring the issue and thinking you’re saving money, it can backfire on you in the end. The problem can gradually get worse and bring about HVAC system malfunction and costly repairs. So, when you notice some strange changes in the operation of your air conditioner, always call for our HVAC experts near you in Clark County. Areas we serve >

4. Adjusting the settings too often

Many HVAC system owners constantly change the settings of their air conditioners. Have you ever thought that changing settings on the Thermostat can negatively affect your HVAC system? In fact, new settings mean that your air conditioner uses much more energy. The more often you adjust the settings, the higher your energy bills get. Just remember that turning up the thermostat higher than the desired temperature won’t heat your home faster. So, try to change the settings as seldom as possible.

5. Blocking the airflow

Is your HVAC system placed very close to the furniture, curtains or other objects? Then you’d better rearrange them a little. For the optimal Air balance the air is supposed to circulate around your home or office without obstacles. Blocking the airflow may result in uneven heating or cooling since in this case it’s difficult for the conditioned air to circulate and it’ll take longer to heat or cool the room.

6. Forgetting about ventilation

Some AC owners have poor indoor air quality without realizing that it can also affect the performance of their HVAC system. High humidity, insufficient ventilation, as well as mold and dust worsen efficiency of the air conditioner. Because of high humidity and poor ventilation, the AC unit works harder using more energy. That’s why it’s important to have some additional systems to deal with excessive humidity.

7. Using outdated AC units

Do you have a very old air conditioner and you’re not in any particular hurry to buy a new one? It seems that you save money by using the old AC unit. However, over time the efficiency of air conditioners gets worse. It means they consume more energy as well as need frequent repairs. So, using outdated AC units only leads to extra expenses. It’s better to replace the old air conditioner with a new one. Moreover, modern HVAC systems have up-to-date features that will significantly contribute to the comfort at your home or work.

Need help with your Air Conditioner in Henderson?

Now you know what mistakes you should avoid to ensure the durability of your air conditioner. If you realized that you have the aforesaid bad habits and your AC unit needs some repairs, don’t worry. Nevada Residential Services Air Conditioning & Heating offers affordable AC Repairs in Henderson & Henderson.

Prevent possible HVAC breakdowns by avoiding the above 7 bad habits and scheduling professional HVAC System Maintenance. It isn’t time-consuming, but it will significantly prolong the lifespan of your AC unit.

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