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Air Conditioning and Furnace Filters & Filtration Henderson

Filters, just like any other part of the AC system and HVAC in general need to be properly maintained in Henderson. It often gets overlooked as it is not always visible. However, it is our recommendation that your filters receive a maintenance on regular basis, including cleaning, and replacing them. This will prevent your system from break downs, emergencies and other problems.

Remember, its very imortant to check and change your filter frequently. How frequently depends on many factors: the type of filter that you use, do you have pets or not? And if you do, then how  how many pets you have, whether anyone in your home or house has allergies or smokes.

5 reasons to change furnace filter

  1. Your bills have been cranking up - skyrocketing bills are a clear sign that your air filters need a replacement immediately
  2. You’re getting sick soon after turning on your furnace: Allergies, sinus problems, and other health issues
  3. You notice a burning smell in the air all over the house, or a burning odor coming from the furnace
  4. Your furnace runs longer than normal, or it takes much longer for your furnace to heat your home
  5. Your home is dusted - the dust only circulates inside your home through your filters

“Regular HVAC maintenance is the key“

The best option that will save you a lot of hussle and headache and at the same time will keep you AC or Furnace and its filters always in check, simulateneously ensuring superior Air Quality for all year long can be a proper maintenance for your HVAC system performed by a trained proffesionals – request our AC or Furnace mainetence service! Our HVAC experts will do their best to ensure your homes and families have the best air quality possible at all times. You wont have to bother your self with the typicall dealema’s: “What, a cluttered filter? Where is it? How do I change it?” etc. Our HVAC company and our technicians will select the right and the best furnace filter possible for your needs. 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Types of Air conditioner & Furnace filters

  • 1" Filters
  • 2" Filters
  • 4" Filters
  • 3-6" Whole-House Air Cleaner Replacement Filters
  • Geothermal Air Filters
  • 4", 6", and 12" Rigid Cell Filters
  • Multi-Pocket Bag Filters
  • Pleated Inserts & Bulk Rolls
  • Commercial & Industrial High Performance Air Filters

How long does HVAC filters last?

Air filter - Clean and dirty filter comparisonTypically with disposable fiberglass or electrostatic filters, you should change them anywhere from once a month to once every three months. Pleated filters generally can last 3 months or longer. Dont underestimate the importance of timely air filters replacement, remember, more than half of all furnace repair calls are caused by dirt and dust build-up. And that's completely preventable with just a little monthly maintenance.

Our technicians at Nevada Residential Services are amongst the best HVAC professionals in Henderson, and will help you with this issue when it arises. Even the smallest particle can cause a problem, our technicians will show you how this works. With proper maintenance you will avoid costly bills, and improve efficiency. Do a maintenance check regularly, and you will see how much easier your life will be with your HVAC system. We will show you which filters to use, which ones are available and are better for you.

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How often should I change my filter?

We recommend to change Air Conditioner and/or Furnace Air filter regularely, the cheaper filters should be replaced about every 3 months, in most cases it should be done at least once a year, while larger and more expensive box-type filters (3-6") can last up to one year. Actual replacement times depends on a lot of factors such as:

  • Running time on the Cooling/Heating unit
  • The type of flooring in the house, home, office or any other working or commercial area
  • The presence of people and/or pets and on their quantity as well
  • The MERV rating of a filter
How do I select the right AC or Furnace filter?

When choosing HVAC filter look for higher MERV(Minimun Efficiency Reporting Value) ratings. Home AC & Furnace filters are rated 1 to 11. The higher the number, the more efficient the filter is at removing small particles. Pick the filters with highest MERV rating you can afford.

Is the AC and furnace filter the same?
Yes. In case when your home has a separate cooling unit (AC) and heating unit (furnace) then your heating and air conditioning filters are one and the same. both systems share the same filter because they both share the same air-handler and the air-handler is the exact area your air filter resides.

HVAC Filters Replacement

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