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How Much Do Common AC Repairs Cost in Henderson?

How Much Do Common AC Repairs Cost in Henderson?

Below are common AC problems and the average Henderson Air Conditioning Repair
cost for each:

Contactor or capacitor replacement – $90.00 to $400.00
Air Conditioner Compressor repair hard-start kit – $100.00 to $250.00
Condensate pump replacement – $90.00 to $250.00
Evaporator coil replacement – $650.00 to $1200.00
Home air compressor spare – $1,350.00 to $1,800.00, this will depend on the type and size
Condensing-unit fan motor spare – $100.00 to $300.00
Thermostat replacement – $60.00 to $250.00
Replace circuit breakers, relays, or fuses – $15.00 to $300.00
Refrigerant leak detection and repairs – $225.00 to $1,600.00
Circuit board replacement – $120.00 to $600.00
AC refrigerant recharge- $169.00 to $400.00

For a troubleshooting AC service in Henderson, it will cost you from between $75 to $180; this will depend on your geographical location and also the season (for instance winter, summer, Spring, etc.), in which you make the call.

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4 Signs That You May Have To Repair Your AC

1. Poor Air Flow

The AC should effectively cool every room in your house. If there are some rooms that are cooler or
warmer than others or feel colder, there might be a problem with the AC. Usually, when there are any airflow problems, the ductwork may be faulty. Before calling for ductwork repair from a professional, you should check the vents that are not functioning properly. If for any reason your air registers are closed, or there is an obstruction in the vent, then that may explain the AC problem. In case you remove the vent to clear the obstruction, make sure that you replace it and leave it open so that there will be a free flow of air in the room. If the AC still has issues, you should consult a professional for repairs.

2. Blowing Warm Air 

In case your air conditioner functions well but blows warm air, there could be a serious issue with the unit, or the refrigerant may be low. You can program the house’s thermostat correctly, and ensure that the filters are clean, since they may negatively impact on the unit’s performance.

3. Unusual Sounds

If your AC system starts making squealing or granting sounds, there could be a problem with the condensing fan motor, or perhaps the compressor. To avoid a sudden shut down of the whole system, you should contact an expert to repair it as soon as possible.

4. System Turning On And Off Rapidly

If your AC keeps turning on and off randomly and quickly, it may be due to rapid cycling, which also referred to as short cycling. Confirm if your AC’s filters are clean if your system behaves like this. If the filters are in a perfect condition, then there could be a more serious problem, and you should find a professional to do the repairs.

Common AC Issues And How To Fix Them

1. Filters

Dirty or clogged filters are the most common reasons why air conditioners fail to work properly. To avoid this, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how often the filters should be changed. To determine if the filter needs cleaning, you should check if light passes through the AC, if no light passes through it, then you should consider cleaning it.

2. Thermostat

The temperature setting in your home is controlled by the thermostat. You should, therefore, ensure that the settings are right, the sunlight does not affect it, and it is clean. Check if there are any other issues if the problem persists.

3. Refrigerant Leaks

The whole unit will be faulty in case the air conditioner’s coolant starts to leak. This will cause fluctuations in temperature. Having the A.C. checked yearly by a trained technician will save you hundreds of dollars.

4. Drainage

The drainage line may be clogged with dust, lint, and dirt. The drain pan will get clogged, and water will start leaking out. This will potentially damage the AC, and anything is around the pan.

5. Worn Contactor

Contactors are found in the blower motor, the condenser fan motor and the compressor in an air conditioning unit. They make the electrical connection that starts the compressor and the motors. It, therefore, becomes extremely difficult for the electrical current to start the motors if there is pitting and arcing on the contractor.

Why You Cannot Postpone the AC Repairs

Like any other homeowner in Arizona, you have likely invested significantly in your home. The cost of electricity may not be controlled, but you can ensure its cost is minimized carrying out small repairs before they become major problems that will cost you hundreds of dollars in the long run. Below are reasons why you should never postpone any AC repairs:

1. Efficiency

Energy efficiency and comfort are interdependent. For instance, if you fail to fix your frozen coil, it may destroy the AC which you will have to replace.

2. Longevity

The minor repairs that eventually become major with time may decrease the durability of the cooling system. When investing in a cooling system, you are usually planning to use it for as long as possible. When you postpone the repairs, you may have to prematurely replace the whole system.

3. Comfort

When the AC breaks down, it will be both time-consuming and costly to repair. Postponing the repairs may cause the system to break down periodically, and this will inconvenience both you and your family.