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Annual Furnace Maintenance Tips from Henderson Heating Experts

Annual Furnace Maintenance Tips from Henderson Heating Experts

For furnaces electrical connections, loose panels and of course accumulated dirt clog up, can waste fuel and severely deplete the equipment’s efficiency. When problems do occur with either oil or gas furnaces, they’re typically pretty easy to identify. In this article we will take a look at a comprehensive furnace maintenance checklist to keep you warm and to lower your bills. This information will also give you some clues of what you can expect in terms of potential HVAC repairs that may be needed to fix common issues such as:

  • Your Furnace Produces No Heat
  • A Furnace Produces Insufficient Heat
  • A Furnace Keeps Switching On and Off
  • A Furnace’s Pilot Light Won’t Come On
  • Noticed Any Unusual Sounds or Smells

Want to make sure your home is as warm and cozy as possible this winter?
Schedule an annual heating & cooling systems check-up and heater maintenance - professional HVAC maintenance services drastically improve furnace longevity and performance while usually cost less than $100. Not a big price for your comfort and peace of mind.

Winter 2020 Heater Furnace Maintenance Checklist

No matter what furnace brand you have: Trane, Amana, American Standard or any other. This checklist has everything you need to know to keep your home warm this winter in Henderson.

Warning! Turn Off your Heater Before Maintenance!

Turn off the electrical and fuel supply before working on your furnace

  1. Check disposable filters
    Consider replacement if needed. Change the furnace filter once or twice a year to avoid trouble.
  2. Inspect for adequate combustion air requirements
    Ensure the combustion air openings are not blocked or restricted.
  3. Check fuel pipe for leaks at appliance
    Make sure that there are no signs of corrosion.
  4. Clean and inspect burners and burner compartment
    If you’re not able to clean it thoroughly, leave it to a professional.
  5. Inspect and the electical connections
    Check all safety controls and wire connections.
  6. Clean your flue and chimney
    Sweep or vacuum dust from around the furnace and registers so air can flow freely.
  7. Perform visual inspection of heat exchanger
    Perform leakage tests and apply corrosion protection to your heat exchanger, whenever needed.
  8. Check thermocouple / flame sensor
    Clean and check ignitor. Clean the Flame Sensor. Use a straw to remove dust from the pilot.
  9. Check and flush condensate drains
    Make sure drain lines are clear and draining properly
  10. Lubricate all moving parts
    Some older furnaces have two motor bearings and two blower shaft bearings that require annual oiling.
  11. Inspect venting system for leaks & debris
    Professional HVAC technician can perform CO test, circulating air / free air / vent & record
  12. Check the Thermostat
    Have a look at your electronic thermostat to see if the batteries need to be changed

Many homeowners in Henderson take the DIY or "Do It Yourself" approach, but dealing with a gas furnace for example, without a proper knowledge and skills can be very dangerous. This is why it's better to hire a trusted HVAC Company to properly prepare your Heater for the winter month and to perform professional Furnace repair in case it is needed.

Nevada Residential Services Heating & Air Conditioning Company serving Las Vegas and surrounding areas providing seasonal Heating & Cooling maintenance Services. Many of our technicians have been in the industry for 15 to 20 years. Our heater & furnace repair experts are NATE certified and background checked. No matter the problem, we can figure it out and get to work repairing it as quickly as possible.

We service all communities in Las Vegas Valley including: Las Vegas, North Las vegas, Henderson, Enterprise, Spring Valley, Green Valley, Summerlin etc.

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