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How to Change the Central AC Filter in Henderson

How to Change the Central AC Filter in Henderson

AC Installation Henderson – How to Change the Central AC Filter

A clean filter saves energy and money and also improves the performance of the overall AC unit. Regular maintenance of the AC will ensure the unit runs efficiently and you will be able to detect problems early enough. Therefore, you will avoid costly repairs. Changing the filter regularly is an easy way of ensuring that your AC unit is working efficiently. Dirty filters can cause the fan motor to burn out on the indoor unit, and this will make the AC to shut down. Typically the filters stand inside the house. The blower motor is the motor which sucks the air from the house or apartment via the filter. This air comes through the cold pipes, and then it cools. The same motor will then throw the cold air into the house. In case the filter is dirty, the air will pass through it slowly, and since the motor overheats, it may result in fires.Replacing your filter is advisable especially when you want to save energy. However, a majority of property holders do not know how to replace AC filters. Even for those who know how often the AC filters should be changed, many still do not understand the role that a filter plays in improving home air quality and how it helps the AC in cooling indoor spaces.

How To Change Your AC Filter In-House

Depending on the type of filter that you use, you may need to change your filter after some months. This will be largely determined by the number of your family members, the traffic from the neighboring houses, pets in your home and allergies. Dirty systems may cause gaps in the frame and between the filter.A filter with a larger surface area is likely to trap more particles. The best tool that you can use in determining the best time to replace the high-efficiency filters is the pressure gauge.Manufacturers usually recommend a certain drop in efficiency of the filter before it can be replaced.

The drop in efficiency will be as a result of the accumulation of debris in the AC filter.

Check the buildup in the filter regularly and during summer check it on a monthly basis. It is imperative to clean or replace your filter during the peak times of the year. If you cannot clearly see through your non-pleated filter, you should immediately take action and replace it.If there is more dust in your compound than it was before, it means your air conditioner is not very efficient.

How To Install Your AC Air Filter

If the filter has to be washed or changed, use the following steps:1. Wipe the panel door or use a vacuum attachment to clean it.

2. Check if the filter is dirty. If it is dirty, you will see dust on it.
3. Remove the air conditioning filter from the unit.

4. If the filter is permanent or washable, take it out. Use a hose to spray the dust and dirt out of the filter. Pour some water into the filter and ensure the water runs smoothly through it. At first, the water running through the filter will be dirty, but it will eventually be clear. When the filter becomes clean, let it dry completely then reinstall it.

5. If the filter is disposable, check its size so that you know what to buy. The size is usually written on one side of the filter. Get a new filter from your local hardware store and then replace it.

Changing Your Air Filter Regularly

It is essential to remember when the filter is to be changed. The filters help in removing dust and other particles from circulating through the AC system. The filter also ensures the AC unit is unclogged by potential irritants.

If you are used to forgetting when the filters are to be replaced, it can decrease the life of your AC unit which will result in additional costs when replacing it. An efficient system not only saves your energy costs but also comes with several health benefits

To remember when the AC filters need to be replaced, you should write the day you replaced it on the filter itself especially if it is disposable. Have a reminder for thirty days after you have installed it. Some people, however, replace their filters when they are paying their electric bill or at the beginning of each month. Replacing the air filter will also be determined by the type of filter that you use. If after thirty days the filter is still clean, have a reminder to check it after another thirty days. After your air filter has become visibly dirty, you should replace it and then repeat the above process using fixed intervals. There are a few firms that offer air filter deliveries so that the filter can be delivered to you on time whenever you need it.


• Ensure that the air filter is properly installed to make sure that there will be no contact with dust and dirt with the evaporator coil. The air conditioners will need servicing and cleaning from time to time.

• The air filter will stop working if it is not replaced. The particles that go through the air conditioning unit will build up and reduce its efficiency. The dirt will also be recycled in your house.

• Dirty air filters may lead to breathing problems to the family members who have allergies or asthma.

• The indoor particles are mostly caused by bacteria, pets, dust mites, pollen, pet hair, molds, and viruses. A quality filter can ensure that these particles are not constantly recirculated through your house.