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Emergency AC Repair Tips to keep you comfortable & cool during late summer in Henderson

Emergency AC Repair Tips to keep you comfortable & cool during late summer in Henderson

HVAC equipment is very reliable, but when it working at its maximum capacity for a few years in a row, especially if no ac maintenance was done for a long time & when it is sweltering  summer here at nevada – things can go wrong. AC repair is not an easy task, but sometimes you can avoid costly HVAC repair expences by trying to troubleshoot your system first, before calling in a local AC repair professional. Its not a secret that often your problem is something you can easily fix by yourself.

Warning! If you don’t have any tech skills or health issues it’s best to leave the troubleshooting & repair of your air conditioner to the professionals at Nevada Residential Services, we work 24/7 and provide local emergency 24 hour HVAC repair services in Henderson. Otherwise there is some  things you can check by your self and likely fix your problem on your own before even calling us.

For better operation and efficiency of your central air or any other hvac system, consider our central air operating helpful tips:

  • AC won’t turn on
    • A sudden power surge may have overloaded your AC circuit, causing the breaker to trip. You have to Reset the circuit breaker. In order to do so fisrts of all switch the thermostat switch to “Off”. Then locate the air conditioning circuit braker box or HVAC label, usually its somewhere in your basement, garage or attic. Even if it not labeled, there should be a switch that is neither on nor off. Turn the switch all the way off, and then flip it on again.
  • AC doesn’t cool air well enough
    • At summer the AC has to work really hard to cool your house especioally in peak sunshine hours. In homes with a large amount of windows facing sunlight or other places that let the warm sunshine or air in, then try shutting windows, closing doors, gaps and holes, close blinds and curtains on windows. Also consider to plant some trees and shrubs outside those windows to provide additional shade on that side of the home.
    • Dirty or clogged filters
      Lack of air flow can cause a lack of cooling efficiency with the system. If your filter is dirty and clogged, it can cause many issues with your unit. Filters should be checked often and changed on a regular basis.
    • If your AC unit is iced up it will not cool properly – You have to melt any ice in such case.
    • Check out your ducts to make sure air is coming out of them. When they are dirty enough to block air flow then it means that ducts need to be cleaned as soon as possible.
  • Problems with thermostat
    Examine your thermostat – if the number on the thermostat isn’t changing then first of all check if there is no need to change the battery in your thermostat. Often air conditioner repair isn’t necessary at all, maybe you just need to buy a new thermostat. We at NRS recommend programmable and smart thermostats that can lower your energy bills and keep you cool at all times.
  • Clean the outside AC unit with water or with air pressure to keep the fins on the AC clean. Clogged fins are a common HVAC service problem that can be easily prevented with a proper yearly ac maintenance.


Don’t forget that the best way to keep your air conditioning systems working well without any issues all summer long in Henderson is to use Preventative Maintenance. Join our membership club and let our licensed, trained technicians maintain your HVAC system. We are proud to invite our customers to participate in our Energy Savings Agreement club.  Learn more about the benefits >>

Keep in mind that during Henderson scorching summer days, air conditioning system only cools at one degree per hour when it is 78 degrees or more outside. To always feel comfortable and cool during whole day in the summer make sure the temperature is set to a required temperature early in the morning. If you will try to set back the thermostat during the day then it may take few hours or even until late in the night to bring the temperature down to a comfortable level. The best and most efficient policy is to leave the temperature at a comfortable setting at all times.