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Proactive HVAC maintenance - Summer AC Tune-Up in Henderson

Proactive HVAC maintenance - Summer AC Tune-Up in Henderson

When buying an air conditioner, we want it to save us from hot summer and maintain a comfortable temperature during cold weather. But just installation is not enough for central air conditioning. In order for the split system to operate flawlessly for quite a long time, it requires preventive AC maintenance. One of the ways to check whether your Air Conditioner is in a good condition is professional HVAC Tune-up.

Why schedule a summer AC Tune Up?

During warm seasons in the Henderson there are particularly a lot of dust in the air and other particles such as pollen, animal hair, bacteria, various microorganisms, etc. All of them can easily clog the air conditioner and, consequently, reduce its efficiency, increase compressor load and create a favorable environment for fungi. In order to prevent these problems, it’s important to schedule summer Tune-Up for your AC. If you simply ignore it, there’s a likelihood of numerous breakdowns. And if you don’t, your HVAC system will safely provide the room with fresh air in accordance with the set temperature.

So, AC maintenance during summer will help you be sure that your air conditioner is completely ready for the forthcoming seasons as well as safeguard from unexpected and costly air conditioning repairs.

What does HVAC tune-up include?

It is recommended that both inside and outside units are thoroughly checked and cleaned, if necessary.

Professional HVAC Tune-up includes:

  • general inspection of the system
  • cleaning and inspection of the filter
  • cleaning the condenser in the outdoor unit
  • inspection of the evaporator coil and applying antibacterial cleaning, if needed
  • inspection of the drainage system
  • checking contacts, wiring and joints
  • evaluation heating/cooling cycles
  • ensuring proper operation of the HVAC system

How often should the air conditioner be tuned up?

Scheduling professional HVAC Tune-Up once a year would be just great to keep your split system in a good state. However, if it’s old enough, it may require the service twice a year.

Is it time for your HVAC system to get a Tune-Up?

Many Henderson home owners think that their split systems just don’t need any inspection as long as they turn on and operate.


But we want to draw your attention to some telltale signs that it is time for your HVAC system to get a Tune-Up:

  1. the air conditioner makes strange noises during operation;
  2. the air conditioner operates too loudly;
  3. the indoor unit gets very hot;
  4. the operation is accompanied by an unpleasant smell;
  5. water is dripping from an indoor unit.

If your AC system shows the aforesaid signs, you should take action asap. Now the question arises: "Where to find a Las Vegas HVAC Contractor near me?" — Nevada Residential Services offers reliable AC Tune-up & Repair services in Vegas or Henderson to help you to solve all of your's heating & cooling needs.

How to save money on AC Repair?

Repairs of split systems tend to be quite costly. Moreover, particularly neglected issues can cause your AC Unit to go completely out of order and buying a new one would be inevitable. But there’s a way to prevent serious problems and, as a result, save money on AC repair. All you have to do is find a trusted local HVAC Contractor such whose reliable technicians can take good care of your central air conditioning system. Timely and quality maintenance will significantly extend the durability of your air conditioner, prevent expensive repairs and evade untimely AC replacement.

Professional HVAC maintenance in Henderson, Nevada

We don’t recommend trying to inspect and clean the air conditioning system on your own. Air Conditioning maintenance is a complex process that includes several stages and should be performed only by specialists. They are certified to do this job and know all the intricacies of the Heating & Cooling systems and nuances of the maintenance service.

Want to save on AC Repair? Looking for preventive AC maintenance in Henderson? — Nevada Residential Services Air Conditioning & Heating is where you can find reliable HVAC technicians and all the necessary services to maintain your air conditioner in a proper condition.

Bear in mind that long-term and efficient operation of your split-system depends not only on the quality installation, but also on the further professional Heating and Cooling Tune-up & Maintenance.