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How to fix ac and heater at home Las Vegas

How to fix ac and heater at home Las Vegas

Fixing an air conditioner (AC) or heater. What can be done on your own, and when to contact the service?

In case your AC or Heater breaks down, it is worth to take a few steps before you decide to buy a new one. This can save you time and money.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning equipment creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere in your house. It is extremely unpleasant when it fails in the middle of the summer, especially if your warranty has expired. This subject is quite complex, and the general opinion nowadays is that, for example, if your heater breaks, it is easier and cheaper to buy a new one, rather than getting a heating repair service in Las Vegas.

Some Air conditioning malfunctions can be easily eliminated with your own hands, but before you deep into it, you need to answer these two questions. First, do you have sufficient technical knowledge about this specific unit. Second, would you be able to diagnose the problem correctly?

Reasons for split-system malfunctions can be divided into three groups:

  • manufacturing defect
  • poor-quality installation
  • improper use

Therefore, it is important to determine whether you can repair the air conditioner by yourself, or have to contact a service center.

Diagnostics and Solutions

Before starting any repair or preventative work, there should be detailed HVAC system diagnosis procedures, carried out to identify the cause of the problem, and then determine the costs of the necessary repair components and accessories. This type of adequate, and complex checkup will relieve of erroneous conclusions, repeated, expensive costs, and will prolong the longevity of your unit’s working capacity.

The diagnostic Sequence includes the scanning of the following:

  • mechanical damage
  • block fasteners
  • clips of contact connections in electric equipment
  • air filter state
  • scanning of heating/cooling modes
  • indication scanning
  • mechanical blinds functioning
  • air temperature of the evaporator
  • the pressure in suction/discharge system
  • the tightness of all connections in the drainage system


There is an outer view of some common failures that can be fixed with your own hands before you will ask for heating repair in Las Vegas NV.

In case of the air conditioner failing to switch on

Regardless of the device’s brand and model, the reason why it doesn’t turn on will be one of the following: heater is not connected to power, the control board failed, the connection between the blocks is broken, the control panel or receiver module on the indoor unit is broken, the protection system activated and indicates an error.

In case of a small leakage

During the summer, the condensate tank is often overflowed and the liquid drips out from the indoor unit. To eliminate such leaks, it’s necessary to drain the accumulated water more often. In case of a frozen heat exchanger, it can be insulated with any thermal insulation material. If the leak is in places of fastening of branch pipes, ensure nuts are clamped securely, and joints are processed by the sealant.

In addition, a common cause of malfunction can be a clogged drain pipe between the pan and the drain point. In this case, it is necessary to turn off the heater for at least 10 minutes, disconnect the plastic tube, and clean it manually via blowing through the pipe, or using a thin wire.

In case of a clogged air filter

The filters look like a small flat or drum-type mesh under the unit’s front panel. Air entering into the units through it. The filters collect all the indoor dust and protect the indoor unit radiator.

If you have a washable air filter, it is quiet easy to clean it. Taking it out and washing it under running water, drying it and putting it back may be sufficient. This procedure should be repeated every 2-3 weeks or more, in case of increased indoor dust and grime. If this is not done, the airflow to the radiator will decrease significantly. In case of a severe clogging of filters, dirt can penetrate into the drainage system. It is important to note, the maximum number of times you can wash your filter is 6-8. After that, it loses its operational qualities.

If dust enters the indoor unit impeller, it will need to be taken apart and cleaned out. If the heat exchanger is not cleaned properly, it can also get clogged at the outdoor unit. Once the dirt; dust, fluff or wool  gets to the compressor, the compressor can overload over a short period of time. The overload will result in overheating, and eventually it will fail.

Crisis of central air-conditioning

HVAC systems are quite complicated. Fortunately, they are also reliable. If your diagnosis does not help to cope with difficulties, it is best to leave it to an experienced and licensed technician. Here are some signs that you should call for service.

  • The unit is working but no cool air coming out. If the unit cools intermittently, it usually indicates a problem with the coolant and may indicate that the system requires recharging.
  • The system doesn’t work at all. It’s worth to check that the thermostat is set to cool mode and the switch is in the “On” position. Also, check all other system switches and connections. If it doesn’t work, make sure that the ac or heater is turned off and ask for help.
  • Any significant water leakage. This should be immediately seen by the professional. Turn off the device and call the service.

When it comes to cleaning filters and conventional prevention, it is not generally a difficult task for any user. But in case of serious problems, such as having to replace parts, or requiring specific, professional tools, a “do it yourself” method will not be appropriate and may even be dangerous.

You should contact the service center in case it is necessary to:

  • replace the compressor;
  • eliminate leakage or refilling/recharging the system;
  • repair or replace electronic modules
  • oil change
  • vacuum clean the system
  • replace thermal insulation or make other complex modifications that cannot be done at home

With the regular diagnosis of your ac and heater, it is not difficult to eliminate many problems and prevent the calling for heating repair, Las Vegas NV.