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NV Energy residential rebates for new air conditioning units 2020 | Las Vegas, Nevada

NV Energy residential rebates for new air conditioning units 2020 | Las Vegas, Nevada

Looking for a quick guide to Nevada energy rebates for new air conditioning units in 2020? - You have come to the right place! With constantly rising energy costs better energy efficiency and lower power bills is a prime concern for most Las Vegas homeowners. You’re must be thinking that NV Energy wants you to have a high bill, but actually that’s not the case. During peak load hours they don’t have enough power to supply the city of Las Vegas, so to prevent blackouts they have to either resort to buying power from outside sources and pay big bucks for find ways to lower the energy consumption. Each state has different renewable and energy saving programs. Nevada has some pretty good ones.

NV energy assistance for Las Vegas residential & commercial customers

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Nevada Residential Services is a NV Energy participating contractor;
We are here to make sure you qualify to receive rebates for your energy-efficient system.

Here are few steps you can take to use less energy and save money without sacrificing comfort:

  1. Schedule a free in-home energy assessment
  2. Seal or Upgrade your ductwork
  3. Tune up your air conditioner
  4. Replace your old in-efficient AC with a new more energy efficient system
  5. Install Programmable Controls and Thermostats
  6. Invest in energy efficient appliances and amenities - make use of LED's, curtains and blinds
  7. Increase the insulation of your space
  8. Place outdoor unit in a shaded area
  9. Have the right size HVAC system for your home
  10. Change Air Filters Regularly
  11. Buy and install new Air Conditioner with high SEER rating
  12. Perform Regular AC Maintenance

Save money with NV Energy - Save with Powershift program!

Each summer we’re all facing the same problem: How do we keep our homes cool and comfortable while reducing our energy use and lower energy bills? How do we keep and preserve our environment? The solution is quite simple - you just need to have the right tools to save you energy and money. 

PowerShift by NV Energy helps accomplish some of these goals by making our customers’ homes and businesses more energy efficient, saving hundreds of thousands of megawatt-hours of electricity each year.

This program will help NV Energy lower power consumption and minimize the load on their systems. The main goals here are to lower power bills, and to achieve higher customer satisfaction. NV Energy assistance lies in its residential central air conditioning and heating rebate programs. Powershift program designed to assist NV Energy customers with installation & maintenance of energy efficient Air Conditioners.

Rebates & Discounts for Your HVAC system in Las Vegas
Nevada Residential Services is partnering with NV Energy’s PowerShift program to offer you HVAC rebates of up to $1200 on your AC replacement or discounts on new central AC Installation. This program ensures that we as a HVAC contractor, NV Energy and local building department will be checking your system for proper operation, efficiency, and install. Triple quality check! NV Energy is offering to pay for all of this out of their pockets. All you have to do is call us and schedule your free service for NV energy powershift home energy assessment. Our technicians are certified and have a lot of experience working with NV Energy’s PowerShift program.

Eligibility Requirements - Who Qualifies?

The goal is to lower power consumption in the Las Vegas, so anybody who wants to lower cooling and heating bills, can qualify & take advantage of this great program while it lasts.

NV Energy Powershift program is eligible if you meet the following requirements:

  • Your system must be residential
  • You must replace your current HVAC System for the higher rebates
  • New air conditioner must be 15 SEER or higher
  • You must be an NV Energy customer
  • You must use a participating contractor like Nevada Residential Services
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