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Rooftop Package units Service & Repair in Henderson

Rooftop Package units Service & Repair in Henderson

Rooftop air conditioning is a common thing in Henderson, especially in commercial buildings. However, some people still get surprised by seeing HVAC systems on the roofs of residential properties. For this reason, we will discuss the main advantages of such an AC placement so that you could decide which type works best for you.

Most Common Reasons to Put AC on the Roof

Many people decide to place their AC on the roof due to its large size and loud noise. Having an AC installed at home, you are likely to be constantly distracted by its sound, and it becomes practically impossible to maximize the housing space or to use it more efficiently.

Another thing that should be considered is how simple the RTU's (rooftop AC's) are built. Being constructed as an all-in-one unit, this type of AC is easy to maintain, as the components of a conditioner are not separated between inside and outside units. This fact is a great benefit since other residential & commercial HVAC repairs tend to be time-consuming, more expensive, and hard to perform.

There is also a question of energy cost. In comparison, rooftop air conditioning has proved to be more efficient than other AC types due to the simplicity of a cooling process: the cold air naturally falls down, without any additional forces.

As for the security, putting an AC on the roof is safer since robbers do not have access to the interior of the building, where it is placed. All these reasons prove that rooftop AC installation is an optimal and reasonable decision, that has a long-term perspective on everyday usage.

24/7 heating and air conditioning repair services

If you have decided to install a new HVAC system or if you need a rooftop AC repair, our company is ready to help you at any time of day and night. Nevada Residential Services offers professional air conditioning unit repair & replacement assistance at affordable pricing.

What is also important, our specialists provide the annual AC maintenance once or twice a year as each AC system requires a systematic check-up. Especially in Las Vegas, where it is practically impossible not to use air conditioners regularly, due to the hot and dry climate.

Our company is interested in building a trustworthy and loyal relationship with each customer, which is why our main goal is to provide you with high-quality service and to make sure that your Heating & Cooling system serves long and well.

How much does a rooftop HVAC unit cost?

An average price of a rooftop air conditioning unit fluctuates between $6,000 and $10,000. Many aspects influence how expensive a rooftop HVACis: the size, brand, energy efficiency, and additional accessories.

The price also slightly depends on AC installation services, as the assistance of each company has its individual value.

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