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How Often Should You Service an Air Conditioner in Henderson?

How Often Should You Service an Air Conditioner in Henderson?

Many people tend to underestimate the importance of systematic HVAC maintenance check-ups by saying that it is a simple waste of money. The reality is slightly different, as preventive AC maintenance usually saves you from wasting money. And in this article, we will explain why it is a better choice to service an AC unit on a regular basis.

When you Need an AC Service

When the hot weather arrives, the least pleasant thing to happen is an unexpected breakage of your HVAC system. To avoid this, here are several signs that you are in urgent need of an AC service.

Unusual AC Noises

If your air conditioner starts to buzz or rattle and works louder than it used to, you definitely should have it checked up by professionals. If you hear strange AC noises - these sounds are likely to be an indicator of a loose part, which may lead to further serious consequences if it is not repaired.

Water Leaks from AC Unit

When the air conditioning system works well, there are, obviously, no leaks and gatherings of peeled water. If you appear notice to notice one of these, then your AC is not functioning properly. This issue is serious and should be solved strictly by technicians, in order not to cause any additional damages.

If the problem is not being solved on time, it is likely to cause serious structural issues, which will be much harder to fix.

AC blowing warm air

The first indicator that your thermostat is not working properly is the warm air going out of it. Normally, it should be set to a cooling mode. If checking the thermostat didn’t help, there might be an issue with the Compressor or an Airflow.

Fixing this problem by yourself is, first of all, dangerous and quite difficult for an average person, so hiring a trustworthy heating and air conditioning company would be the right choice.

The benefits of regular AC maintenance

As it was mentioned earlier, air conditioning maintenance check-ups prevent unexpected breakages of an Air Conditioner, and, therefore, save you a lot of money. Besides this, regular service of an AC unit lengthens its lifespan up to several years, improves the air quality, and increases the general efficiency of your Air Conditioning system.

Experts usually suggest conducting tune-up services approximately once a year. If you start working with Nevada Residential Services Air Conditioning & Heating, you have an option to sign up for our Energy Saving Agreement. This means, our specialists will have your AC checked up twice a year at no extra cost. We do believe that the best way to build a relationship with a customer is to build it on honesty. This attitude gives us an opportunity to perform high-quality AC maintenance in Henderson for many years already.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Besides professional HVAC maintenance check-ups, there are some tips that will help you lengthen the lifespan of your Henderson HVAC system:

  • Change your filter every two months
    This will help to prevent the variety of problems caused by dirty filters.
  • Remove debris from an AC unit
    If you don't do this, airflow will be reduced and the system capacity will be decreased.
  • Straighten the coil fins
    This will prevent the airflow from blocking.

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What time of the year is it best to service your AC?

Many people suggest servicing an AC unit before the hot months arrive so that every issue would be solved before them. Otherwise, there is a slight risk that these issues may grow into serious problems.

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