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4 ways to improve indoor air quality in your Henderson house

4 ways to improve indoor air quality in your Henderson house

Do you really think that in our houses, we can easily hide from polluted air? The truth is, the air we breathe inside can also contain dust, pollutants, various microorganisms, harmful chemical compounds, and other small particles.

Does indoor air quality matter so much?

Purified air is a guarantee of health

The air we breathe directly affects our health. In Henderson some people are extra sensitive than others, and they react painfully to increased dustiness, particles of animal hair, wool, pollen, bacteria, viruses, fungi and mold. Not only could poor air quality in your house bring about increased fatigue and decreased productivity, but it also may cause asthma and different types of allergy.

How to reduce the risk of health issues related to poor indoor quality in Henderson? If you want to prevent the unpleasant consequences of poor air quality in your house, you should maintain a healthy microclimate at home. The good news is that improving indoor air quality is something each of us can definitely do!

4 vital indoor air quality solutions

Take care of your lungs by applying some of these air quality solutions:

  1. Changing the filter in your AC unit

    Of course, AC filters purify air, neutralize various allergens, remove bad odors, get rid of harmful bacteria and viruses. However, a dirty air filter becomes a source of pollution itself. Always keep in mind that modern air conditioners improve indoor air quality if you don’t forget to change its filter. We recommend doing this once in at least 4-6 months.

  2. Installing HEPA filter

    For too sensitive people who suffer from allergy or asthma, there are even more effective filters called HEPA (HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Absorption) filters. They are known to remove 99% of all particles larger than 0.3 microns, including most allergens.

  3. Getting a humidifier

    It’s no secret that a number of respiratory diseases can stem from insufficient humidity in the house, as dry air reduces the resistance of our body to them. This is especially true in winter, when the indoor humidity is much lower than it normal. In order to maintain a comfortable level of humidity in your house, it’s worth getting a humidifier.

  4. Installing a home air filtration system

    Consisting of several filters, whole-home air filtration system will provide more intensive air purification in any house. For example, a whole-home air filtration system AccuClean by American Standard filters the air 7 times per day throughout your entire home.

Just think of the number of health issues that could be prevented if we didn’t hesitate to effectively improve indoor air quality using the aforesaid solutions.

What you could also do for your heating & air conditioning system in Henderson is to ensure its quality operation. To keep your AC system in the best possible shape schedule a professional AC maintenance at least twice a year.

In case you happen to have some issues with an air conditioner, our technicians always offer reliable assistance. As one of the best local HVAC contractors in Vegas & Clark County, Nevada Residential Services provides not only exceptional AC maintenance, but also Air Conditioning Repair Service and affordable AC Replacement. For more information about our services and rebates, please contact us: 702.935.0777, or schedule an appointment on our website.